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Theta Networkは、Coinbase Walletで取引できます。Coinbase Walletは、暗号資産の世界を開けるための鍵です。








10.0億 THETA












What is Theta Network?

Theta Network (THETA) is a blockchain-based network specifically designed for video streaming. Launched in March 2019, Theta Network operates as a decentralized platform where users share bandwidth and computing resources on a peer-to-peer basis. The network features its own native cryptocurrency token, THETA, which performs various governance tasks within the network. Theta Network seeks to address the challenges of the video streaming industry, such as centralization, poor infrastructure, and high costs, which often result in a less than optimal experience for end users and reduced compensation for content creators. The network's ecosystem includes services focused on esports, music, TV, movies, and education, and collaborates with various video platforms.

How does Theta Network work?

Theta Network operates through a unique ecosystem that includes influencers (content creators), viewers (end users who consume video content), advertisers, caching nodes (computers/servers that help improve content quality and delivery speed), and ingest nodes (which assist caching nodes and also provide bitrates/stream resolution). The protocol is open-source, allowing any provider to use the Theta blockchain and create decentralized applications (dApps) on the platform. Users receive THETA tokens as compensation for sharing videos through the decentralized video streaming dApp for transcription and distribution of content called EdgeCast. Theta Network seeks to reduce the operating costs of streaming video services by moving some content to the peer-to-peer network, which operates on thousands of nodes, making the network resilient to content delivery failures and solving the problem of digital last-mile delivery.

What are the potential use cases for Theta Network?

Theta Network strives to decentralize video streaming, data delivery, and edge computing, making it more efficient and fair for industry participants. The network's appeal is threefold: viewers are rewarded with better quality streaming service, content creators may see an increase in their compensation, and middlemen, such as video platforms, can reduce costs on building infrastructure and increase advertising and subscription revenues. Users receive TFUEL tokens as compensation for both watching network content and sharing network resources. In addition to video, data, and computing, Theta Network caters to developers looking to launch decentralized applications (DApps) on its fully featured EVM-compatible Smart contract platform.

What is the history of Theta Network?

Theta Network was co-founded by Mitch Liu and Jieyi Long in 2018. Liu has a long history in the gaming and video industries, co-founding video advertising firm Tapjoy, mobile social gaming startup Gameview Studios, and, the live streaming platform whose DApp was the first to be built on the Theta protocol. Long, Theta’s second co-founder and CTO, has extensive experience in design automation, gaming, virtual reality, and large scale distributed systems. He has authored multiple peer-reviewed academic papers and holds various patents in video streaming, blockchain, and virtual reality. Theta Network launched its mainnet in 2019, and its native THETA tokens were initially distributed as ERC-20 tokens on Ethereum before being converted to native THETA on the mainnet.




Theta Networkを閲覧したユーザーは、以下の銘柄も閲覧する傾向があります。




Coinbase上の全銘柄のうち、時価総額で見てTheta Networkに最も近いのはこの12銘柄です。

Coinbase Bytes

Coinbase Bytes

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Theta Networkは今週上昇しています。

Theta Networkの価格は過去7日間で6.87%上昇しました。 過去24時間で価格が3.33%下落しました。 直近のわずか1時間で価格が0.77%下落しました。 現在の価格は1THETA当たり$1.14です。 Theta Networkは過去最高値の$15.90を92.83%下回っています。



Theta Networkの現在の価格は?

Theta NetworkをUSD建てにリアルタイムで更新しています。CoinbaseでTheta Networkのライブ価格を取得しましょう。

Theta Networkの時価総額は?

Theta Networkの現在の時価総額は$11.41億となっています。時価総額の大きい銘柄は、市場で高い評価を受けていることを意味します。

Theta Networkの過去最高値は?

Theta Networkの過去最高値は$15.90となっています。この過去最高値とは、Theta Networkのローンチ以来で最も高い価格のことを指しています。

Theta Networkの24時間の取引量は?

Theta Networkの過去24時間の取引量は$2727.21万となっています。

Theta Networkに似た銘柄には他に何がありますか?

Theta Networkと同等の時価総額を持つ銘柄として、MultiversX, Algorand, WEMIXなどが挙げられます。一覧については、銘柄の時価総額比較をご覧ください。

Theta Networkの流通量はどの程度ありますか?

Theta Networkの現在の流通供給量は10億となっています。

CoinbaseでTheta Networkを購入できますか?

はい。Theta Networkは現在、Coinbase Walletで取り扱っています。詳細な手順については、「Theta Networkの購入方法」ガイドをご覧ください。

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