It’s Time to Update the System

The global financial system’s technologies, policies and laws are often decades (sometimes centuries!) old.

It’s time for new technology that can help bring more access, efficiency, and transparency.

It’s time for crypto.

It’s Time to Update the System
How crypto can help update the system


Access to your money shouldn’t be dictated by ‘business hours’ or the time it takes for a check to clear.

Crypto is 24/7 and instant — giving you more financial flexibility.


You can email or video chat with your family and friends anywhere in the world, so why can’t you send money to them just as easily?

Crypto is global — taking the hassle, and the cost, out of moving your money wherever you want.



Discrimination is illegal, but that doesn’t stop institutions from charging certain people more or denying them access.

Because crypto provides equality of opportunity, bias doesn't have a home on the blockchain.


The current system is built on you having to entrust your money to individuals, institutions, and governments.

With crypto’s decentralized approach, all transactions are transparent, immutable, and verifiable to all — the only thing to trust is the math.


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