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Algorand staking is on the decline this month.

The current estimated reward rate of Algorand is 4.50%. This means that, on average, stakers of Algorand are earning about 4.50% if they hold an asset for 365 days. 24 hours ago the reward rate for Algorand was 4.85%. 30 days ago, the reward rate for Algorand was 4.71%. Today, the staking ratio, or the percentage of eligible tokens currently being staked, is 18.27%. In other words, there are 1.5B of Algorand staked, which means that Algorand has a staking market cap of $226.2M. This is compared to a total asset market cap of $1.2B.

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Benefits of staking Algorand

Put your crypto to work

Staking can be a way of making your Algorand work by generating rewards, rather than collecting dust in your crypto wallet.

Support the projects you like

Staking can also be a way to contribute to the security and efficiency of Algorand. By staking some of your funds, you make the blockchain more resistant to attacks and strengthen its ability to process transactions.

It’s passive income

You can enroll with just a few clicks or when you join staking pools. While Algorand is not available to stake on Coinbase, it is available to trade. Sign up to trade Algorand today.

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How to stake Algorand?

You can earn rewards for Algorand through DeFi yield. DeFi yield lets eligible customers earn yield by lending their crypto to third-party DeFi protocols.

When can I start earning rewards with Algorand?

You start earning yield with most of the Staking and Standard Rewards assets once they are purchased. To earn yield by staking ETH or depositing assets in DeFi yield, you will need to purchase the asset and then agree to terms to enable the option and start earning rewards.

What are the risks around staking Algorand?

Staking requires your Algorand to be locked on the protocol in order to earn rewards. During this time you won't be able to trade or transfer your Algorand. The lock up periods are defined by protocols and can range from a few hours to a few days. Coinbase does not impose any lock up periods. No additional lockup periods are imposed by Coinbase.

How much can I make staking Algorand?

The current estimated reward rate of Algorand is 4.50%. This means that, on average, you can earn about 4.50% for current block/epoc rewards for Algorand.

How many Algorand tokens are currently staked?

Currently, 1.5B are staked, which means that the staking market cap of Algorand is $226.2M.

What percentage of Algorand is currently being staked?

Of the available tokens, 18.27% is currently staked.