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Ethereum staking is on the rise this month.

The current estimated reward rate of Ethereum is 6.00%. This means that, on average, stakers of Ethereum are earning about 6.00% if they hold an asset for 365 days. 24 hours ago the reward rate for Ethereum was 5.99%. 30 days ago, the reward rate for Ethereum was 3.59%. Today, the staking ratio, or the percentage of eligible tokens currently being staked, is 15.49%. In other words, there are 18.6M of Ethereum staked, which means that Ethereum has a staking market cap of $34.1B. This is compared to a total asset market cap of $220.1B.

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How does staking Ethereum work

For many traders and investors, staking is a way of earning rewards by simply holding Ethereum. Certain cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, allows staking. This means that you can “stake” some of your Ethereum holdings and earn a reward over time in exchange for allowing the blockchain to put your Ethereum to work.

Cryptocurrencies that allow staking use a consensus mechanism called Proof of Stake, which is a method of verifying and securing transactions on the blockchain that leverages people who are literally already invested in the blockchain. The precise implementation varies, but at its core, users will put their crypto on the line, similar to a security deposit, for a chance to add a new block onto the blockchain. Typically, the chances of being chosen to validate the next block is proportionate to the amount staked and the amount of time a user’s held their asset. This way, the network rewards participants who are most invested. If the selected node successfully validates a block, then it is awarded the staking reward.

In other words, in exchange for delegating your Ethereum, you get rewarded with more Ethereum from the network. Staked tokens act as a guarantor of the legitimacy of new transactions. On the chance that fraudulent transactions are discovered, users will lose a part of their stake (i.e. their stake would get burned by the network) in a slashing event.

Benefits of staking Ethereum

It’s easy

Enroll with just a couple of clicks. You can earn rewards on Ethereum on as little as $1.

It’s secure

We take measures to mitigate risks and allow you to opt-out anytime. Some protocols may require you to wait until unstaking is complete to transfer or sell your assets.

It’s passive income

Staking can be a way of making your Ethereum work by generating rewards, rather than collecting dust in your crypto wallet. You can also discover all assets eligible for rewards from our Earn center.

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How to stake Ethereum?

Ethereum is currently available to stake on Coinbase’s centralized exchange, subject to locations where staking is allowed. Check out our help center page to learn more about eligibility.

When can I start earning rewards with Ethereum?

You start earning yield with most of the Staking and Standard Rewards assets once they are purchased. To earn yield by staking ETH or depositing assets in DeFi yield, you will need to purchase the asset and then agree to terms to enable the option and start earning rewards.

What are the risks around staking Ethereum?

Staking requires your Ethereum to be locked on the protocol in order to earn rewards. During this time you won't be able to trade or transfer your Ethereum. The lock up periods are defined by protocols and can range from a few hours to a few days. Coinbase does not impose any lock up periods. No additional lockup periods are imposed by Coinbase.

How much can I make staking Ethereum?

The current estimated reward rate of Ethereum is 6.00%. This means that, on average, you can earn about 6.00% for current block/epoc rewards for Ethereum.

How many Ethereum tokens are currently staked?

Currently, 18.6M are staked, which means that the staking market cap of Ethereum is $34.1B.

What percentage of Ethereum is currently being staked?

Of the available tokens, 15.49% is currently staked.