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About VVS Finance

What Is VVS Finance (VVS)? 

VVS Finance is a blockchain-based decentralized finance (DeFi) platform. The platform aims to provide users a gateway into the DeFi space and allow them take control of their finances. VVS Finance also seeks to make DeFi simple and accessible to billions of users across the globe by offering speedy transactions and low transaction fees. The DeFi platform aims to open passive income streams for the users through various options like yield farming. Yield farming is an investment strategy that requires users (liquidity providers) to lend their digital assets to get rewards in the form of interest or a portion of the transaction fees on the platform.

VVS Finance also supports a decentralized exchange (DEX), aiming to provide a simple platform to swap digital assets and earn yield rewards. Built on the Cronos blockchain network, the DEX allows users to provide liquidity in the various liquidity pools by staking their digital assets. In return, VVS Finance lets stakeholders receive 2/3 of the fees collected for swaps. Likewise, the platform also allows users to collect 0.2% of trading transaction fees as liquidity rewards. 

VVS Finance uses an automated market maker (AMM) protocol to eliminate the need for intermediaries and order books. An AMM applies a mathematical formula or a pricing algorithm to determine digital asset prices automatically. The protocol allows VVS Finance to incentivize all the network participants in order to maintain sustainable growth in the long run. VVS Finance claims that the higher the number of users on the platform will create better the value for network participants. Using the AMM protocol, users can trade smart contracts leveraged by the assets staked in the liquidity pool. 

VVS is the native cryptocurrency of VVS Finance that doubles up as a utility and governance token of the platform. The token is built on the CRC-20 architecture of the Cronos blockchain. Out of the total VVS tokens created, about 50% are reserved to be distributed among community members. 13.5% are reserved for security audit and protocol operations, while another 13.5% are reserved for ecosystem development. Similarly, 23% of the tokens are reserved for the development team, locked for a period of 4 years. Apart from VVS and CRO, Cronos blockchain’s native token, the protocol supports tokens like USDC, USDT, SHIB, ATOM, DOGE, and more.  

The VVS Finance protocol claims to have six key features:

  1. Bling Swap: An algorithmic routing system that allows users to swap tokens across several liquidity pools for a better price.

  2. Liquidity Provision: Allows users to deposit tokens in any liquidity pool and receive a CRC-20 LP Token as proof of proportional ownership of that particular liquidity pool. 

  3. Crystal Farm: Liquidity providers (LPs) can stake their LP tokens in Crystal Farms to receive VVS tokens as a reward.

  4. Glitter Mine: The Glitter Mine allows non-LP users to stake VVS tokens and receive VVS or other partner tokens as rewards. 

  5. Initial Gem Offering: LP tokens and VVS holders can get early access to new projects in the Cronos blockchain ecosystem via the initial gem offering.

  6. Analytics: Users can access analytics for accessing various VVS Finance protocol data metrics related to trading volume, liquidity, etc. 

How Are VVS Tokens Created?

VVS had an initial supply of 50 trillion tokens, and subsequently half of the initial supply will be created each year. For example, 25 trillion will be created during the second year and half of the second year’s supply during the third year. The protocol uses an emission model to create the tokens, which means that the VVS token will have a limited supply. 

VVS Finance is on the decline this week.

The price of VVS Finance has fallen by 4.42% in the past 7 days. The price increased by 0.72% in the last 24 hours. In just the past hour, the price shrunk by 0.22%. The current price is $0.000006 per VVS. VVS Finance is 84.81% below the all time high of $0.000039.

The current circulating supply is 19,324,382,329,048.6 VVS.

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