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Seamlessly bring users onchain

Make it easy for users to engage onchain, whether they’re crypto native or not.


Key features of Smart Wallet

Simplified user onboarding

Onboard users in seconds with passkeys that require no seed phrases, passwords, or third party app installs.

Create gasless experiences

Use Paymaster to create sponsorsed transactions in your app and use free gas credits on Base.

Access Coinbase balances

Allows smart wallet users to use their Coinbase balance without complex transfers to a self custody wallet.

Scale with Coinbase

Join Coinbase in our mission to bring the next billion users across the world onchain.

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Need more customization?

Try Embedded EOA Wallets

  • Full control of your UI – Completely abstract away all aspects of being onchain, or expose addresses, balances and transaction details in your app.

  • No wallet onboarding – APIs to create, backup, and use EVM-compatible wallets, without surfacing any wallet onboarding UIs to your users.

  • Integrate in minutes – Get up and running with a few lines of code, and easily integrate with popular onchain development frameworks like viem.

  • Always exportable – SDK lets users export their wallets from your application if and when they want, enabling them to use their assets anywhere onchain.

Wallets for projects of all sizes

Our wallet solutions, documentation, and resources make it easy to get started. Get started building today, or reach out to us on Discord if you need help.

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