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About Molecular Future

What Is Molecular Future (MOF)?

Molecular Future is a financial investment platform developed to provide a one-stop solution for digital asset investment services. According to the whitepaper, the platform aims to combine blockchain with the traditional finance industry to create a decentralized stock exchange that would facilitate users with:

  • On-chain services related to liquidity management

  • On-chain trading opportunities on a real-time basis

In order to achieve this aim, the platform has initially developed Molecular Future financial public chain, a native operational chain of the platform. This chain was eventually upgraded to MOS (mega operation system) to facilitate all types of investment services for the platform through its app Molecular App, which includes:

  • Digital currency-based products for the purpose of staking

  • Professional software that provides real-time analysis of market

  • A database of different projects using blockchain technology

  • An accounting technology that provides decentralized operational data

  • A decentralized application that provides complete ecological support

These services, in turn, override the challenges that previously existed with the traditional finance market and have been made possible with the use of MOS. The MOS is a framework that connects different independent blockchains to create a single domain, which functions using the BFT (Byzantine fault tolerance) mechanism. BFT is a consensus structure where a transaction on the blockchain is validated once all the participants of the chain agree to a transaction.

Further, to facilitate trading and other operations for users, Molecular Future launched its digital trading platform EXN. EXN is a decentralized platform that functions using the MT5 system to facilitate different services on the platform. The MT5 system, also known as MetaTrade5, is software that facilitates trading on EXN by making the traditional financial market compatible with crypto. This, in turn, allows EXN to integrate functions of the Molecular App and facilitate three main services for users on the platform,:    

  • MOF Asset Management: A ready-to-use tailor-made staking plan that users on the platform can invest in.

  • MOF Lending: A crypto-based loan service that allows users on the platform to obtain loans at favorable terms and conditions with minimum requirements.

  • MOF Molecular Fission: A financial function that allows users to make underwriting in the platform using the MOF token to generate annual returns between 6 and 10%.

Besides these services, the platform also facilitates liquidity management, trading strategies, system orders, etc., allowing users to trade in a secured, transparent, private, and low-risk environment. Further, to ensure users can benefit from the EXN platform, Molecular Future launched its cryptocurrency, the MOF token.

The MOF token is an ERC20 token and is developed on the Ethereum blockchain and functions using a smart contract. The token is used for trading, voting, discounts (15% discount on redemption fee if MOF is used instead of the fund’s native currency) , and many other utilities on the EXN platform. This token is developed as a digital currency for the EXN platform. Further, the MOF utilizes a token economic model that allows shareholders and users of the platform exposure to different quality projects based on blockchain. Besides this utility, the token provides token holders on the platform with many facilities and opportunities, which includes:

  • Opportunity to earn yield against underwriting in the platform

  • Receive discounts on different fees charged by the platform

  • Opportunity to vote for projects users want on-boarded on the listing of the EXN platform

  • Opportunity to perform all types of trading on the EXN platform

  • Provides opportunities to token holders to enjoy different benefits offered by the platform

Besides these facilities and opportunities, the token can also be used as a security deposit by other crypto projects to acquire funds for their projects. Thus, MOF tokens play a huge role in developing a sound digital asset financing ecosystem for the Molecular Future organization.

History of Molecular Future (MOF)

Molecular Future is a joint venture platform developed in 2017 with investment from Keyin Capital, HCASH Foundation, Hong Kong Capital Fund, Molecular Group, XBTING Foundation, and Eagle Fund. The platform released its whitepaper version 2.0 in 2020 and is headed by Jayden Wei (CEO), Jason Christopher (CTO), and Ryan XU (chairman of Molecular Future). Further, the platform launched its cryptocurrency, the MOF token, in January 2018, with the maximum total supply of the token being fixed at 100,000,000 MOF.


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