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What is S.S. Lazio Fan Token?

The S.S. Lazio Fan Token (LAZIO) is a digital asset that aims to connect fans of the Italian football club, S.S. Lazio, with the team in a unique and engaging way. The token is a product of a partnership between S.S. Lazio and a company in the cryptocurrency space. LAZIO is designed to give fans a voice in club decisions, access to exclusive promotions, VIP rewards, and special recognition from the club. The token's performance may correlate with the team's on-field success.

How does S.S. Lazio Fan Token work?

LAZIO operates as a BEP-20 token on a blockchain network known for its lower transaction costs and broader accessibility. The token gives fans ownership of a voting right, allowing them to influence specific club decisions, such as the message on the captain's armband. Fans may also receive unique club-specific rewards and experiences, like visiting the player area in the stadium, watching a match in the VIP zone, or receiving discounts on club merchandise. There are intentions to introduce voting sessions on Lazio affairs, loyalty subscriptions, fan shop integrations, and a NFT collection for token holders.

What are the potential use cases for S.S. Lazio Fan Token?

The S.S. Lazio Fan Token aims to provide fans with a more immersive and interactive experience. It allows fans to participate in club decisions, receive unique rewards, and gain special recognition from the club. The token also seeks to offer fans exclusive access to the club, such as visiting the player area in the stadium or watching a match in the VIP zone. Additionally, LAZIO holders may receive discounts on club merchandise. The token also aims to provide fans with broader accessibility, more functionalities, and lower transaction costs through its operation on a blockchain network.

What is the history of S.S. Lazio Fan Token?

The S.S. Lazio Fan Token was born out of a partnership between S.S. Lazio, one of Italy's long-standing football clubs, and a company in the cryptocurrency space. The partnership spans over two years and aims to extend the club's digital presence and connect with fans worldwide. The token follows the model of other fan tokens, representing ownership of a voting right and giving fans access to unique club-specific rewards and experiences. The total supply of LAZIO is 40 million, with a portion allocated to the public sale on a platform at a set rate.


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S.S. Lazio Fan Tokenは今週上昇しています。

S.S. Lazio Fan Tokenの価格は過去7日間で6.28%上昇しました。 過去24時間で価格が1.01%上昇しました。 直近のわずか1時間で価格が1.15%上昇しました。 現在の価格は1LAZIO当たり$1.89です。 S.S. Lazio Fan Tokenは過去最高値の$35.76を94.71%下回っています。



S.S. Lazio Fan Tokenの現在の価格は?

S.S. Lazio Fan TokenをUSD建てにリアルタイムで更新しています。CoinbaseでS.S. Lazio Fan Tokenのライブ価格を取得しましょう。

S.S. Lazio Fan Tokenの時価総額は?

S.S. Lazio Fan Tokenの現在の時価総額は$1623.95万となっています。時価総額の大きい銘柄は、市場で高い評価を受けていることを意味します。

S.S. Lazio Fan Tokenの過去最高値は?

S.S. Lazio Fan Tokenの過去最高値は$35.76となっています。この過去最高値とは、S.S. Lazio Fan Tokenのローンチ以来で最も高い価格のことを指しています。

S.S. Lazio Fan Tokenの24時間の取引量は?

S.S. Lazio Fan Tokenの過去24時間の取引量は$294.50万となっています。

S.S. Lazio Fan Tokenに似た銘柄には他に何がありますか?

S.S. Lazio Fan Tokenと同等の時価総額を持つ銘柄として、MILC Platform, ForTube, Fusionなどが挙げられます。一覧については、銘柄の時価総額比較をご覧ください。

S.S. Lazio Fan Tokenの流通量はどの程度ありますか?

S.S. Lazio Fan Tokenの現在の流通供給量は860万となっています。

CoinbaseでS.S. Lazio Fan Tokenを購入できますか?

いいえ。S.S. Lazio Fan Tokenは現在、Coinbaseで取り扱っていませんが、Coinbaseに口座を開設すると、S.S. Lazio Fan Tokenの最新ニュースや、販売所に追加されたときに通知を受け取ることができます。

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