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1,9 Mio. $

Volumen (24h)

5,00 $

Im Umlauf

51,0 Mio. CTCN


2,37 $

Kursänderung (1 Std.)

-0,01 %

Kursänderung (24 Std.)

+0,01 %

Kursänderung (7 T.)

-0,04 %


What Is Contracoin (CTCN)?

Contracoin is a project that facilitates international real estate business via blockchain technology. According to the website, Contracoin is a global real estate platform powered by blockchain that allows real estate agents, property developers, and brokers to get exposure to the international real estate market. The project also seeks to open the world to buyers of property with cryptocurrencies by providing them access to international properties and intending them to pay for such properties through its native cryptocurrency.

Contracoin’s vision is to provide property ownership readily available to the masses worldwide. According to the whitepaper, overseas transactions are occupied with several challenges. Such challenges include a lack of direct access to foreign banks suitable for the transaction and government restrictions on such transactions. Such cross-border payments also incur substantial transaction costs and delays in receiving funds. Thus, to tackle all such issues, the Contracoin project intends to offer technological solutions that can streamline the whole transaction process.

The project is backed by a virtual barter network established by Cfontracoin’s parent company Contracard. The project strives to develop a global real estate platform. The project also intends to create a marketplace. The project enables users to use the Contracoin token, an ERC20-compatible token, to purchase real estate internationally. By way of such technology integration, the project seeks to provide users with fast, secure, and cost-effective transactions. The project uses Ethereum smart contract to eliminate manual errors and assure security and transparency during documentation.

The Contracoin cryptocurrency is the native token of the project. It is a utility token used for purchasing property around the world. Along with CTCN, the project also developed a stablecoin named AUDC, which is pegged to the Australian dollar. AUDC is used to make payments and deposits for Australian properties and to avoid the volatility in cryptocurrencies in global exchanges.

History of Contracoin (CTCN)

The Contracoin project was initiated in 2019. The parent company of the project, Contracard, was founded in 1992. The CTCN token was developed and marketed in the fourth quarter of 2020. The team includes Barry Lipscombe (CEO), Bruce Francis (chairman), Angus McClure (director), Henson Liang, and Robert Li (partner and advisor). The maximum supply of CTCN is 100,000,000.


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CONTRACOIN verzeichnet diese Woche Kursverluste.

Der Preis von CONTRACOIN ist in den vergangenen sieben Tagen um 0,04 % gefallen. In den vergangenen 24 Stunden stieg der Preis um 0,01 %. In der vergangenen Stunde fiel der Preis um 0,01 %. Der aktuelle Preis lautet 0,0380 $ pro CTCN. CONTRACOIN notiert 98,40 % unter dem Allzeithoch von 2,37 $.

Die aktuelle Umlaufmenge lautet 51.024.030,5 CTCN.


Was ist der aktuelle Preis von CONTRACOIN?

Wir aktualisieren unsere CONTRACOIN in der Währung USD in Echtzeit. Sehen Sie sich den Live-Kurs von CONTRACOIN auf Coinbase an.

Wie hoch ist die Marktkapitalisierung von CONTRACOIN?

Die aktuelle Marktkapitalisierung von CONTRACOIN beträgt 1,94 Mio. $. Eine hohe Marktkapitalisierung bedeutet, dass der Markt ein Asset hoch bewertet.

Was ist das CONTRACOIN-Allzeithoch?

Das CONTRACOIN-Allzeithoch beträgt 2,37 $. Dieses Allzeithoch stellt den höchsten Preis dar, der seit dem Lauch von CONTRACOIN jemals gezahlt wurde.

Wie hoch ist das 24-h-Handelsvolumen von CONTRACOIN?

In den letzten 24 Stunden betrug das Handelsvolumen von CONTRACOIN 5,00 $.

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Wie viele CONTRACOIN gibt es?

Das derzeit zirkulierende Angebot an CONTRACOIN beträgt 51 Millionen.

Kann ich CONTRACOIN auf Coinbase kaufen?

Ja, CONTRACOIN ist derzeit auf Coinbase Wallet verfügbar. Ausführlichere Anweisungen finden Sie in unserem Leitfaden zum Kauf von CONTRACOIN.

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