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Market stats

Market cap


Volume (24h)


Circulating supply

153.1M KNC

Typical hold time

19 days



All time high


Price change (1h)


Price change (24h)


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About Kyber Network

KNC is an Ethereum token used for paying fees on the Kyber Network, a protocol that aims to make swapping digital assets and cryptocurrencies simple and efficient.

What is Kyber Network Crystal v2?

Kyber Network Crystal v2 (KNC) is a utility and governance token that is integral to the Kyber Network ecosystem. The Kyber Network is a multi-chain hub of liquidity protocols that aggregates liquidity from various sources. It strives to provide transactions on any decentralized application (DApp). The primary objective of the Kyber Network is to provide access to liquidity pools for DeFi DApps, decentralized exchanges, and other users. The KNC token plays a crucial role in the Kyber Network, allowing holders to stake their tokens in the KyberDAO to participate in governance and vote on important proposals.

How does Kyber Network Crystal v2 work?

Kyber Network Crystal v2 operates within the Kyber Network, a decentralized liquidity protocol that aims to enable seamless transactions in the DeFi space. The network's main platform, KyberSwap, provides swap rates for traders by sourcing liquidity from multiple decentralized exchanges. KNC token holders can stake their tokens in the KyberDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization that governs the platform. By staking their tokens, holders can participate in the decision-making process and vote on key proposals. All transactions on KyberSwap are on-chain, meaning they do not require a centralized third-party and can be easily verified using the Ethereum or other chains’ block explorer.

What are the potential use cases for Kyber Network Crystal v2?

Kyber Network Crystal v2 has a wide range of potential use cases within the DeFi ecosystem. As a utility and governance token, KNC allows holders to participate in the governance of the Kyber Network through the KyberDAO. This includes voting on key proposals and decisions that shape the future of the network. Additionally, Kyber Network's liquidity aggregation feature can be utilized by developers to build products and services with the aim of providing liquidity. The network's main platform, KyberSwap, also provides a range of features such as instant settlement of token swaps, liquidity aggregation for competitive rates, and customizable business models.

What is the history of Kyber Network Crystal v2?

Kyber Network began its development in 2017 and is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. The project was founded by Loi Luu, Victor Tran, and Yaron Velner, with Vitalik Buterin as an advisor. The Kyber Network Crystal (KNC) token was introduced as a utility and governance token to connect different stakeholders in Kyber's ecosystem. Over the years, the network has grown and evolved, launching its main DEX aggregator and liquidity platform, KyberSwap, and introducing new protocols to provide compensation for liquidity providers. The Kyber Network has a total supply of 223.36 Million KNC tokens, with a substantial number of tokens in circulation.


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Some highlights about Kyber Network on social media

79 unique individuals are talking about Kyber Network and it is ranked #179 in most mentions and activity from collected posts. In the last 24 hours, across all social media platforms, Kyber Network has an average sentiment score of 3 out of 5. Finally, Kyber Network is becoming more newsworthy, with 0 news articles published about Kyber Network. This is a 0% increase in news volume compared to yesterday.

On Twitter, people are mostly bullish about Kyber Network. There were 53.16% of tweets with bullish sentiment compared to 18.99% of tweets with a bearish sentiment about Kyber Network. 27.85% of tweets were neutral about Kyber Network. These sentiments are based on 79 tweets.

On Reddit, Kyber Network was mentioned in 0 Reddit posts and there were 0 comments about Kyber Network. On average, there were more upvotes compared to downvotes on Reddit posts and more upvotes compared to downvotes on Reddit comments.

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79 people


126 posts



Volume rank


Average Sentiment

3 out of 5


Coinbase Bytes

Coinbase Bytes

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Kyber Network is on the rise this week.

The price of Kyber Network has risen by 2.34% in the past 7 days. The price declined by 1.76% in the last 24 hours. In just the past hour, the price grew by 0.68%. The current price is $0.73 per KNC. Kyber Network is 87.86% below the all time high of $6.00.

The current circulating supply is 153,090,759.473 KNC.


What is the current price of Kyber Network?

We update our Kyber Network to USD currency in real-time. Get the live price of Kyber Network on Coinbase.

What is the market cap of Kyber Network?

The current market cap of Kyber Network is $111.74M. A high market cap implies that the asset is highly valued by the market.

What is the all time high of Kyber Network?

The all-time high of Kyber Network is $6.00. This all-time high is highest price paid for Kyber Network since it was launched.

What is the 24 hour trading volume of Kyber Network?

Over the last 24 hours, the trading volume of Kyber Network is $29.14M.

What other assets are similar to Kyber Network?

Assets that have a similar market cap to Kyber Network include Stargate Finance V1, VeThor Token, Metal DAO, and many others. To see a full list, see our comparable market cap assets.

How many Kyber Network are there?

The current circulating supply of Kyber Network is 153 million.

What is the typical holding time of Kyber Network?

The median time that Coinbase customers hold Kyber Network before selling it or sending it to another account or address is 19 days.

What is the relative popularity of Kyber Network?

Kyber Network ranks 170 among tradable assets on Coinbase. Popularity is currently based on relative market cap.

What is the current trading activity of Kyber Network?

Currently, 60% of Coinbase users are buying Kyber Network. In other words, 60% of Coinbase customers have increased their net position in Kyber Network over the past 24 hours through trading.

Can I buy Kyber Network on Coinbase?

Yes, Kyber Network is currently available on Coinbase’s centralized exchange. For more detailed instructions, check out our helpful how to buy Kyber Network guide.

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