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About TCGCoin 2.0

What Is TCG Coin 2.0 (TCG2)?

Trading Card Game or TCG is a metaverse where users can start an online career, earn TCG coins, find NFT collectibles, and fund virtual real estate. Metaverse is a way of interaction where users can communicate in a virtual space. TCG consists of many components that form the entire ecosystem, like TCGCoin 2.0, TCG Trading platform, and TCG World. 

Instead of just being a work of art, NFTs in TCG World can be included in the virtual game. Everything owned by a player in the TCG metaverse, like real estate, vehicles, and objects, is an NFT. The objective of TCG World is to provide entertainment to the users with its metaverse and gaming world. Another objective is to teach creativity by developing an entire virtual world and building businesses in the virtual world. 

TCG Gaming is an online marketplace where users can collect gaming cards, sports cards, and memorabilia. Users can create accounts for free and list their art for a global audience—the payment is made in the native TCGCoin 2.0 cryptocurrency. Also, players can collect and trade NFTs among the gaming community and can be rewarded in TCGCoin 2.0 for participating in the game and interacting with the community. Players can exchange ideas, experience, and find new friends in the gaming community. 

TCGCoin 2.0 is the native token of the TCG platform and is the foundation of the TCG Trading platform and TCG World. The TCG trading platform uses smart contracts to safeguard buyers and sellers who hold their funds until goods are received and verified. Smart contracts are regular contracts, but instead of being drafted on paper, these contracts run in the form of protocols on the blockchain. Both TCG World and TCG platforms trade real-world collectibles and NFTs of the digital world. 

History of TCG Coin 2.0

TCGCoin 2.0 team members include David Evans (CEO), Stepan Sidorov (CTO), Eddy Birmingham (COO), Artem Matveev (Unity Developer), Alex Nase (Director of Business Development), Akiko Aoki, Oleg Krzhechkoviy (Unity Developers), and Jace Falkenberg (Chief Gaming Officer) among others. 

The total supply of TCGCoin 2.0 is 280,000,000 coins. 

TCGCoin 2.0 is on the decline this week.

The price of TCGCoin 2.0 has fallen by 9.26% in the past 7 days. The price declined by 0.84% in the last 24 hours. In just the past hour, the price grew by 0.00%. The current price is $0.139973 per TCG2. TCGCoin 2.0 is 89.86% below the all time high of $1.38.

The current circulating supply is 0 TCG2.

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