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About Mover

What is Mover (MOVE)?

The Mover platform aims to utilize the innovations and experiments of the crypto scene to make finance easily accessible to users. To achieve this, the Mover platform has set some core values that are followed religiously, and are discussed below:

  • Privacy First - privacy is the principal value that Mover imparted in its system. Mover believes that users are entitled to their privacy, and the platform aims to oblige that. That’s why the platform seeks to build services that ensure privacy in every way to the users.

  • Community-drive n- Mover is a community-driven project whose aim is to be made and grow with the collective efforts of each of the community members. 

  • Fair and open - Mover aims to make decentralized finance open and accessible to everyone without codes, biases, and restrictions. The platform believes that the code should be one for all. Mover intends to give noncustodial services to the users as the platform believes that users should be the only owners of the keys. They should decide what to do with the key and how to use the key. 

  • Permissionless - Mover is an open-source platform believing that open-source code is the key to an open-source environment.

  • Open-source - Mover further considers that an open-source climate is a key to innovation. Since the survival of any platform is impossible without innovation, being an open-source platform is the key to securing a successful future. 

  • Fun - The Mover platform knows that finance is a boring subject to indulge in, and operating a digital finance platform is even more boring, expensive, and challenging. So, to avoid users being bored, Mover intends to make the operations fun and easy for them.

Mover seeks to offer savings, an automated way of saving digital assets, and receiving the highest paying options using various DeFi protocols. Movers aims to make it possible by conducting rebalancing, revenue collection, and capital optimization. Another product is the smart treasury, a piggy bank that distributes performance rewards of the platform to the users. 

These rewards are generated when smart treasury saves users’ shares; the generated rewards are then used to cover the fees and costs. Besides, the platform has vaults, randomly generated bank accounts that are stored on-chain. The vault allows users to roll a die every day, and the rendered result is stored on-chain. The vault with the highest score gets opened every week, and the users receive prizes. On-chain transactions are the blockchain transactions that occur on a distributed and public ledger.

MOVE is the native governance token of the Mover platform, which gives the holder the power to upgrade and change the platform.

History of Mover

Mover has two founders, Anton Zagorodnikov, a PhD, and Anton Mozgovoy, who started their journey on a fintech (financial technology) project.

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The price of Mover has risen by 100.00% in the past 7 days. The price increased by 100.00% in the last 24 hours. In just the past hour, the price grew by 100.00%.


What is the current price of Mover?

We update our Mover to USD currency in real-time. Get the live price of Mover on Coinbase.

What other assets are similar to Mover?

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Can I buy Mover on Coinbase?

Yes, Mover is currently available on Coinbase wallet. For more detailed instructions, check out our helpful how to buy Mover guide.

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