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Info over TripCandy

TripCandy (CANDY) is a hotel booking website that rewards users with discounts and returns in the form of blockchain tokens, turning their reservations into funding. TripCandy aims to build a business with solid fundamentals and multiple built-in demand mechanisms. Thus supporting the TripCandy token’s stored value for the long term and in a sustainable manner. TripCandy plans to be the solution for the global crypto community regarding online accommodation booking services.

As per its whitepaper, customers are always looking for methods to save funds or receive rewards, while hotels are always looking for new ways to increase revenue. By offering a crypto loyalty rewards program, TripCandy yearns to bridge the gap by giving a new avenue for hotels to encourage and monetize their consumers. The loyalty program aids the hotel in increasing user conversions and retention, hence increasing revenue. Another problem is limited payment channels. Customers struggle to make bookings as it mainly allows credit card payments, where 80 percent of the world does not have access to one (as mentioned in the whitepaper). TripCandy provides multiple alternative payment channels such as crypto, traditional system transfers, carrier billings and E-wallet payments. Multiple payment channels open up access for users across the globe.

Adding to the list of problems is low-reward incentives. Users are not incentivized by rewards such as points, credits, or add-ons. Consumers tend to misunderstand and under-utilize these rewards as the value is subjective and hard to determine. TripCandy offers substantial rewards like instant Crypto cashbacks. Customers are able to quantify the value and maximize the use of the rewards as they wish.

Leveraging on cryptocurrency token CANDY, TripCandy aims to establish a standard in travel accommodations and services. CANDY is built on the Binance Smart Chain.

For every booking, a percent of the total trade is returned to the user using a CANDY token. TripCandy achieves this goal by purchasing CANDY tokens from the market, resulting in constant demand. Thus, raising the worth of CANDY tokens over time. CANDY token also observes the burning mechanism. Burning crypto means permanently removing several tokens from circulation.

History of TripCandy (CANDY)

Jeremy Foo is the founder of TripCandy. Jeremy seeks to impact the world through creativity and innovation. At 24, Jeremy Foo began his career in a prop trading firm in Singapore and Australia, where he was named as a fast growth trader. The total supply of CANDY token is one billion coins.



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