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About Pulse Predictions Market

What Is Pulse Prediction Market (PULSE)?

Pulse Market (PULSE) is a decentralized and open-source prediction market developed on NEAR Protocol. Prediction markets are exchange-traded markets where users can trade the outcome of events. Pulse is maintained and governed by a community DAO. Through this DAO, Pulse aims to build a better, accessible, user-friendly, cheap, and transparent prediction market in the crypto ecosystem. The permissionless prediction market of the platform is built by traders and for traders, with features that make things simple. 

As mentioned on the website, the Pulse platform aims to utilize Flux Oracle’s ability to create a delightful experience for derivative markets, including token prices, sports matches, weather events, and more. The platform was started as a passion project, which was meant to show the power of the Flux Oracle and its ability to collect arbitrary data to resolve prediction markets. Pulse is entirely operated by its team members and the DAO. With its community DAO, Pulse aims to make the prediction market viable for the masses using NEAR Protocol's low transaction fees. 

Pulse Market doesn’t have access to users' funds, which means it is a non-custodial platform. Users can bring their wallet and sign in without using private keys. The platform aims to offer full transparency where users can audit, edit, and fork the platform's code to build their prediction market platform. Additionally, Pulse Market seeks to utilize an automated market maker (AMM) to handle the pricing of specific positions on a market. When a user trades shares in a position, the price of that position adjusts automatically to meet market supply and demand. Markets are settled whenever a specific time frame for a market has been reached, resulting in correct predictions being rewarded.

In addition, Pulse is built by traders who understand what users want from a prediction market platform. The platform has a user interface (UI) that is built for predictions and custom-tailored to specific market categories. Pulse aims to make trading simple, and users can select the market and place a trade in a few clicks. Pulse markets are verified by Flux Protocol's Decentralized Oracle, meaning markets are resolved with the correct data. The markets on Pulse get resolved quickly, and users do not need to wait for their funds to be unlocked.

PULSE is the native token of the Pulse Prediction Market. Every token holder in the platform has the power to participate in the ecosystem through a unique alignment of incentives for market creation, liquidity provision, and ecosystem governance. PULSE allows its holders to vote on protocol changes depending upon their holdings. Every proposal needs a certain threshold of supporting votes for its implementation. Every token holder can make a proposal for the community to vote on or delegate their voting rights to others. Also, for market creation on the platform, users are required to stake PULSE tokens. 1% of the staked amount gets deducted as platform fees. 50% of this fee is burned while the remaining goes into the liquidity pool, ensuring that users create quality markets and protect the platform from spam attacks. Coin burning permits users to remove tokens from circulation, reducing the number of coins in use. The market creators earn 0.15% on every trade as trading fees for creating a market. Users can use the tokens as collateral for placing bets and liquidity provisioning for any market. 

The total maximum supply of the PULSE tokens is 100 million. 

How Are New Pulse Prediction Market (PULSE) Created/Rewards Earned?

Users have to undergo the process of liquidity mining for over 48 months to generate a constant yield and sustainable liquidity. Liquidity mining is a process where crypto holders lend assets to a decentralized exchange (DEX) in return for rewards. Rewards are generated linearly for three months of locking up the PULSE. However, users can opt out of the locking period with a 50% penalty.

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What is the current price of Pulse Predictions Market?

We update our Pulse Predictions Market to USD currency in real-time. Get the live price of Pulse Predictions Market on Coinbase.

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Can I buy Pulse Predictions Market on Coinbase?

Yes, Pulse Predictions Market is currently available on Coinbase wallet. For more detailed instructions, check out our helpful how to buy Pulse Predictions Market guide.

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