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About ASIX Token

What Is Asix-Token (ASIX)?

The ASIX-token (ASIX) is a cryptocurrency that is considered an investment. This token aims to invite crypto asset investors to our project through the future of P2E (Play to Earn) games, NFT marketplaces, and NusantaraVerse. ASIX Token is launched on the decentralized exchange (DEX) under the BEP20 standards of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

According to its whitepaper, the ASIX tokens are listed on global DEXs through the Pancakeswap platform and followed up with Indonesia Crypto Exchanged registration. Binance Smart Chain is a blockchain network built for running smart contract-based applications. The NFT Marketplace, which we subsequently called "Pasar NFT", is an online platform that allows users to trade non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in digital collectibles, including images, audio, GIFs, 3D models, videos, and more. On the other hand, the idea behind Nusantaraverse is to bring the diversity of Indonesian culture into the digital world. The team believes that the existence of NusantaraVerse helps to promote the beauty of Indonesian culture globally through virtual technology.

The word ASIX is an acronym for one of the most famous artist families in Indonesia. They are Anang Hemansyah, Ashanty, Aurel Hermansyah, Azriel Hermansyah, Arsy Hermansyah, and Arsya Hermansyah. 

The platform aims to establish public ownership and decentralization for the majority of people. This can be seen from the maximum purchase rate of 0.5 BNB during private sales and pre-sale. Furthermore, ASIX Token aims to create a healthy investment ecosystem through a unique method of trading token supply and liquidity.

History of Asix-Token (ASIX):

The team members of Asix-Token include Anang Hermansyah, the President Commissioner, MC Basyar, the CEO, Harris, the CFO, R. Rizki, the COO, Larry, the CMO, Hendy Prabowo, the global representative, and I Putu Dicky S. as the CTO. The total supply of ASIX tokens is ten trillion. 

The current price is $0.00 per ASIX. The new price represents a new all time high of $0.00.

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