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How Mojito and Coinbase Drove $120mm+ in Sales for Sotheby’s

Brands like Sotheby’s and PACE Verso work with Mojito to create fully white labeled NFT marketplaces to host fully compliant and easy to access NFT sales and accept cryptocurrencie...

Top Brands Enter Web3 using Coinbase & PERCS

PERCS is on a mission to onboard 1 million brands to Web3. In the last 12 months, PERCS has helped brands sell over $10M worth of NFTs and tokengated $15M worth of merchandise for...

Fundraise Up Unlocks Crypto Giving with Coinbase

Fundraise Up provides comprehensive fundraising solutions for leading nonprofit organizations around the world. In an effort to unlock this modern form of payment, they tapped Coin...

Aegis Trust Company and Coinbase Cloud deliver institutional-grade staking and custodying for Evmos and Avalanche

Aegis Trust Company relies on Coinbase Cloud’s validator infrastructure to enable institutional-grade staking and custody on Evmos and Avalanche. Enterprises and institutions can s... taps Coinbase Cloud to take their products multi-chain. taps Coinbase Cloud to enable blockchain connectivity and facilitate the trading of new assets on the platform.

Coinbase Cloud to Support Secure Flow Infrastructure for Turner Sports’ Blocklete Games

First installment - Blocklete Golf - built on blockchain to offer players opportunity to personalize and monetize NFT avatars and equipment on platform

Flow • Gaming

Coinbase Cloud Provides Secure Infrastructure for Current to Build Hybrid Financial Applications on the Polkadot Ecosystem

Coinbase Cloud is providing secure and reliable blockchain infrastructure for fintech Current to build hybrid financial applications on the Polkadot ecosystem — starting with a lau...

Karura • Acala

Colchis Capital to Run Provenance Validators with Coinbase Cloud

Colchis Capital aims to use the Provenance blockchain, built to support the financial services industry, to bridge the crypto ecosystem with real estate investments

Provenance • Application layer

Bifrost works with Coinbase Cloud to power their cross-chain liquid staking solution.

Coinbase Cloud is excited to support Bifrost in its journey of building cross-chain liquid staking solutions.

KYVE leverages Coinbase Cloud to expand their Data Lake to more chains

Coinbase Cloud is excited to support KYVE in expanding its decentralized data lake to more chains.

Stader Labs collaborates with Coinbase Cloud on liquid staking

Coinbase Cloud is excited to support Stader Labs in driving innovation and unlocking liquidity and DeFi opportunities for staked assets.

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