KYVE leverages Coinbase Cloud to expand their Data lake to more chains

September 22, 2022

Coinbase Cloud is excited to support KYVE in expanding its decentralized data lake to more chains.

KYVE is a decentralized Web3 data lake solution that streamlines access to archived and validated blockchain data for growing projects. Though initially powered by independent and inconsistent external node infrastructure, KYVE decided to look for a more reliable solution to expand its network and ensure higher uptime. Coinbase Cloud’s Enterprise Node product fit their needs, offering vast protocol support, including dedicated endpoints, that allowed KYVE to expand its data lake solution to include Bitcoin, Cosmos, Evmos, Kusama, Near, Solana, and Polkadot.

Challenge: Sustaining Scalability in Web3

As blockchain usage grows, so does the challenge of downloading and guaranteeing data validity. Readily available and verified data is critical to solving scalability in Web3. With a mission of solving this challenge, KYVE built a decentralized Web3 data lake solution. The multi-chain data lake runs on an open-source protocol that is governed by a DAO and supported by network contributors. This proprietary and truly decentralized technology ensures the validity, immutability, and availability of all data stored on the platform, allowing users to scale their products securely.

For builders, the data lake looks like bundled and easily retrievable data snapshots across all configurable data streams. Streams are accessible via Arweave, and can also be easily queried through KYVE’s recent indexing solution, WARP. KYVE recently raised $9 million to support the expansion of this product as essential infrastructure for Web3 developers and to create more use cases as well as bolster scalability across the ecosystem, with one of the many backers being Coinbase Ventures. 

KYVE’s co-founder John Letey added, “One of the main ethos’ of Web3 is that access to network data should be completely decentralized. KYVE aims to achieve this goal by integrating its decentralized data lake with all blockchain networks to archive as much data as possible and make it available to all. And not only this, but also ensure that the archived data is 100% accurate. This way, developers no longer need to worry about data access or validity.” 

Since its inception in 2021, independent external developers have managed KYVE’s data resources. The product has witnessed exponential growth and requires more consistent and managed infrastructure support. KYVE explored multiple solutions to sustain the product and found that Coinbase Cloud’s Enterprise Node product fit the desired profile. 

Solution: A Fully-Managed Multi-Chain Solution

KYVE’s developer team initially built data lake support for eight layer-one blockchains: Arweave, Aurora, Avalanche, Celo, Cosmos, Moonbeam, Near, and Solana. As the product scaled, KYVE looked to Coinbase Cloud to improve the consistency of some of these supported chains and add support for five new chains. 

“KYVE operates with a keen focus on data accuracy and reliability, so their data lakes and end users require consistent access to accurate data. Our RPC endpoints now ensure the enrichment of their data sources and expand their offerings,” said Coinbase Cloud’s Tom Warner. 

Coinbase Cloud’s Enterprise Node product offers dedicated RPC endpoints across 30+ protocols. The fully-managed infrastructure spans two cloud providers and eight geographic regions, guaranteeing 99.9% SLA uptime**. Powered by Coinbase Cloud, KYVE’s collection of trusted data feeds now includes support for Bitcoin, Evmos, Kusama, Near, and Polkadot. The KYVE team also migrated support for Cosmos and Solana to Cloud’s Infrastructure. 

Commenting on the experience with Cloud, KYVE co-founder John Letey added, “When researching for a reliable node service provider, Coinbase Cloud seemed to be a great fit. From the start, their team was very hands-on, fully managing the service while still allowing us to have control. We’re also pleased to say that, with Coinbase Cloud, the nodes have been extremely fast, without a single moment of downtime.”

  Builders on these protocols can now skip the time and resource-constraining task of building their own data management infrastructure. Leverage KYVE’s decentralized, multi-chain data lake today to build, iterate, and scale at a new pace. 

To learn more about working with Coinbase Cloud or expanding your product to more chains, visit our Node page or contact us.

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