Stader Labs collaborates with Coinbase Cloud on liquid staking solution

November 29, 2022

Coinbase Cloud is excited to support Stader Labs in driving innovation and unlocking liquidity and DeFi opportunities for staked assets.

Stader Labs is a multi-chain liquid staking platform building decentralized protocols and applications to let users experience the benefits of liquid staking on public blockchain networks. Through Stader Labs, users can stake their tokens, get a receipt token in return, and put that to work in DeFi without being subject to the protocol’s unbonding periods.

With liquid staking, token holders have more opportunities to participate in the crypto economy without experiencing the constraints of locking up their tokens. Stader Labs aims to bring this ease and convenience to all token holders. Users can start staking in a few clicks, with benefits like instant liquidity, DeFi integrations, auto compounding, and more to help users maximize crypto rewards on their native tokens. Stader is currently live on several networks, with 24K+ users and a current total value locked (TVL) of ~130m USD. Coinbase Cloud is one of the key infrastructure providers across various chains.

Challenge: Solving the inefficiencies in DeFi

Users staking their assets across blockchains today experience a number of drawbacks: lack of liquidity, capital inefficiency (needing to choose between DeFi and staking), low yield, and operationally intensive compounding of returns. Solving these pain points requires building reliable and secure tools that bring users the benefits of liquid staking in an accessible way. To ensure Stader Labs can provide these staking solutions to their customers, it needs validators with a trusted and proven track record.

Solution: Unlocking liquidity, high capital efficiencies and yields

Stader aims to solve these inefficiencies by providing a liquid staking token which is widely integrated in the DeFi ecosystem to provide instant liquidity, high capital efficiency and yields. Additionally, Stader's solution reduces the operational burden of staking for users by auto-compounding yields. Coinbase Cloud’s staking infrastructure powers leading crypto products and exchanges today and is able to provide the high-performance and reliability needed for its solutions.

“Coinbase Cloud is one of the key infrastructure providers across various chains and a major player in the ecosystem. Working with Coinbase Cloud will enable Stader to increase its market presence and reach new customer segments.” - Amitej Gajjala, Founder, Stader Labs

As the DeFi ecosystem continues to grow, it becomes increasingly important for users to have tools that help users participate across networks. Stader’s liquid staking solutions provide users with liquid staking tokens that can be used across various DEXs.

“It's been a pleasure working with Stader Labs and providing our enterprise-grade infrastructure to help unlock liquidity and DeFi opportunities for staked assets. In addition, Coinbase Cloud is aligned with Stader's vision for expansion across other blockchains and driving innovative solutions forward with the users' interests top of mind.” - Harry Alford, Senior Cloud Sales Specialist, Coinbase Cloud

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