Your voice matters. Join us and learn how you can impact pro-crypto policy.

Crypto435 is a grassroots campaign aimed at advocating for pro-crypto policy in all 435 Congressional Districts across the U.S.

Policymakers in Washington DC and across the US are making decisions about the future of crypto. Their choices will determine how, when, and where YOU can build, buy, sell, and use crypto, and it’s critical that they get it right. That’s why advocating for pro-crypto policy and making your voice heard is so important. Now is the time to change hearts and minds in all 435 Congressional Districts!


What is Crypto435?

Crypto435 is a grassroots advocacy effort aimed at uniting the voices of the crypto community to positively impact and move the needle forward on legislative and regulatory pro-crypto policy in the United States.

What can I do to take action now?

What kind of calls to action can I look forward to as a Crypto435 advocate?

 We’ll give you the tools and information to:

  • Contact your U.S. Congressional Representatives (both Reps & Senators) and state policymakers to support pro-crypto legislation, including specific bills

  • Sign petitions either in opposition or support of key legislative or regulatory efforts at a federal and state federal level

  • Contact key regulatory agencies at the federal and state levels

  • Learn about and attend town hall meetings in person with key federal and state officials to directly advocate for crypto

  • Attend in person Web3IRL events to learn more about the potential of Web3 technology and crypto builders and creators in your state

What else can I do to get involved?

  1. Ask your fellow crypto and web3 supporters to join us if they haven’t already.

  2. Sign this open letter to urge Congress to put forward pro-crypto legislation, and be ready for some exciting calls to action in April. 

  3. View and share some of our recent content on crypto topics mentioned above like staking, and our recent ad in the Washington Post on the importance of updating our financial system. 

  4. Listen to our Crypto435 Live Twitter Spaces series featuring a variety of guests including Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong, Coinbase CLO Paul Grewal, Coinbase CPO Faryar Shirzad, and many other crypto ecosystem contributors. 

Discover crypto policymakers

Use our Legislative Action Portal to explore crypto-forward policymakers in the U.S. who align with our mission to expand economic freedom.