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Why we are here

Our mission is to create an open financial system for the world

An open financial system is one that is not controlled by any one country or company (just like the internet did for distributing information). We think this is the highest leverage way to bring about more economic freedom, innovation, efficiency, and equality of opportunity in the world. We have a ten year plan to get there.

  • Imagine if every payment in the world was as fast, cheap, and global as sending an email.
  • Imagine if anyone who had an idea for a product could have customers all over the world from day one.
  • Imagine if anyone with a smartphone had access to the the same financial services we enjoy in the developed world.

An open financial system can be a great equalizer and lift billions out of poverty while accelerating the pace of innovation around the world. This is the best way we know to change the world.

Our Priorities

01. Be The Most Trusted

We filter every decision we make through the question: "Does this help us become the most trusted brand in the space?" Trust is the sum of every interaction of customers have with us as a company. It requires us to be world class at security, compliance, technology, customer support, design, and more.

02. Be the easiest to use

Digital currency is a powerful technology, but the benefits of it will not be accessible to people unless we make it easy to use. Coinbase excels at making great products that bring the benefits of digital currency to everyone.

03. Be The Bridge To Finance 2.0

There will be a massive movement of wealth from traditional currencies and asset classes into digital currency. Coinbase is uniquely situated to build this bridge from traditional finance to the world of digital currency. We make it easy for people to convert their local currency into and out of digital currency around the world.

Coinbase Values

01. Add positive energy

Adding positive energy helps us attract the best and brightest to work here, and fosters an environment of creativity. Being talented is not sufficient in itself to get a job at Coinbase. You'll also need to be easy to add value to those around you.

02. Make it simpler

Companies and products trend toward complexity. We like to ask what can be removed, consolidated, and redone to eliminate complexity. We're ruthless about cutting out complexity, otherwise it can creep in and slowly take over.

03. Use high bandwidth communication

We value being succinct (saying a lot with as few words as possible). This helps us get to the root of challenges, spend less time in meetings, and learn more.

04. Start from first principles

Question assumptions. We strive to understand why something is the way it is and see if we can do better. Creating the change we want to see in the world will not come from following conventional wisdom.

05. Make something people want

It's easy to get lost in the intellectual curiosity of new ideas. At the end of the day, we have to go back to our customers and ensure we're solving a real problem that they have. When in doubt, ask what the customer wants.

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