Advanced trading

Ready to advance? Learn the tools and terminology you need to take control of your trades.

illustration of an order book and depth chart with a play button over it.
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What is an order book?

Order books show not only the price buyers and sellers are willing to pay, but also how many discrete units (as in shares or tokens) they seek to buy or sell at each price. Learn m...

An illustrated financial chart showing a limit order, with a play button over it
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How to trade with limit, market, and stop-limit orders

What are limit orders, market orders, and stop limit orders? Find out in part two of our guide to the advanced trading tools that let you take greater control of your portfolio.

An illustration of a candlestick chart, shown on a green background
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How to read advanced trading charts

Learn how to read financial charts in part three of our guide to advanced trading — tools and terminology to help you take control of your trades.

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What is technical analysis?

Technical analysis looks at patterns in market data to identify trends. Fundamental analysis is a more “big picture” approach.

An illustration of a browser screen open to the Manage Orders table on Coinbase on a black background
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How to manage orders

Learn how to manage your orders on Coinbase in the last part of our advanced trading series.

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How can I use crypto futures market data for spot trading?

As a crypto spot trader, futures markets are a valuable source of information and can be used to gain a more complete picture of the market.

Advanced Guide

How to connect to automated trading platforms

Welcome to this comprehensive guide created for the purpose of assisting Coinbase traders with connecting to and using automated trading platforms. These platforms can offer many a...

Advanced Guide

Key aspects of an automated crypto trading platform

Welcome to this comprehensive guide designed to assist Coinbase traders in elevating their cryptocurrency trading experience using platforms for automated crypto trading. Throughou...

Advanced Guide

Benefits of using an automated crypto trading provider

The increasing demand for efficient trading solutions in the rapidly growing cryptocurrency market has given rise to automated crypto trading providers. These providers have become...