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ETH ETF Buzz | Weekly Market Call

Hosted by

Ben Floyd, Head of Coinbase Execution Services

Guest Speakers


David Duong, Head of Institutional Research Greg Sutton, Senior CES Trader David Han, Research Analyst

Key takeaways

Dive into this week's episode as we explore the exhilarating surge in Ethereum prices and the broader implications of the anticipated ETH ETF approvals. This discussion will not only cover market dynamics but also address critical onchain developments and legislative updates poised to reshape the cryptocurrency landscape.

ETH ETF and Market Dynamics:

  • Market Surge: Analyze the recent remarkable upticks, with ETH up by 20% alongside a general rally in meme coins by 10-30%.
  • Record Futures Interest: Discuss Ether futures reaching a record open interest of $14 billion and what this signifies for market sentiment.
  • Betting on Approval: Review how Polymarket odds have shifted to a 70% likelihood of ETF approval, reflecting increased market optimism.

Deep Dive into ETH ETF Queries:

  • Simultaneous Approvals: Address whether all pending ETH ETF applications might be approved concurrently and the implications of such a scenario.
  • Trading Dynamics: Consider how ETH might trade leading up to and following potential ETF approval.
  • Key Dates: Highlight important dates to watch concerning ETF approval and how these could impact market movements.
  • Legislative Influences: Examine how legislative developments, including the SAB21 and the FIT Act House Vote, are crucial to the crypto environment in the upcoming weeks.

Onchain Innovations:

  • New Protocols: Unpack the details of ERC-7683 by Uniswap Labs and Across, exploring how this standard could shape the approach towards cross-chain interactions.
  • Optimism’s Fraud Proofs: Discuss the launch of fraud proofs by Optimism chain and their potential to enhance security and trust within the network.

Tune in to gain a comprehensive understanding of the current state of the Ethereum market and the exciting onchain developments that continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in crypto. Whether you're an investor, a crypto enthusiast, or a newcomer, this episode will equip you with the insights needed to navigate the evolving digital asset scene.

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