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Coinbase Institutional Weekly Market Call (April 18)

Hosted by

Ben Floyd - Head of Execution Services

Guest Speakers

David Duong - Head of Institutional Research

Greg Sutton - Senior CES Sales Trader

Georg Toropov - Senior CES Sales Trader

Sid Shekhar - Blockchain Research Manager

At a glance

Join us for a special edition of the Coinbase Institutional Markets Call featuring Tania Reif, Founder & CIO of Senda Digital Assets. Tania and the Coinbase team share their insights on the highly anticipated Shapella upgrade. Tania shares her views on the market and what she is looking out for in the macro environment. In addition, the team provides insights into trading flows and the net withdrawal flows post Shapella. They also cover positioning in ETH, it’s recent strength, and some of the big movers to the upside.

This is an exclusive opportunity to gain unique perspectives from a leading expert in the digital asset space. Don’t miss out on this informative and engaging conversation.


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