Goerli Testnet Now Available on Node

November 1, 2022

By Caitlin Wu, Product Manager, Coinbase Cloud

TL;DR: Coinbase Cloud’s Node product now supports Goerli testnet. Node was launched on 9/21 for web3 developers, providing instant, free, and reliable read/write blockchain API access on Ethereum Mainnet. Today, we’ve extended Node’s network support by adding Goerli testnet. 

Testnet Support

Coinbase Cloud is committed to giving developers a one-stop-shop for building web3 products. Last month, we launched our Coinbase Cloud platform for web3 developers, including free and instant blockchain API access with Node. Today, we're excited to announce that we’ve extended Node’s network support by adding Goerli testnet. This new feature enables developers to deploy their smart contracts on the Goerli testnet before deploying them live on Mainnet.

Node empowers developers to build and monitor their web3 applications from an easy-to-use platform with instant read/write access to blockchains and powerful data indexers to speed up responses. Node, formerly known as Query & Transact, has also been serving dedicated, paid nodes to enterprises for read/write access to 25+ blockchains since 2020.

Testnet support is critical for web3 development. When web3 developers start developing a new dapp or web3 application, they can now first deploy their smart contract to a testnet and then verify it functions as they expect prior to deploying it on Mainnet. Deploying a smart contract on Mainnet costs money (gas fees) and gas fees on Mainnet can be high. The same process of developing and refining on testnets but deploying on Mainnet for “production traffic” is common when upgrading smart contracts.

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