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Node offers instant and reliable read/write access to blockchains without having to run your own infrastructure.

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The fastest and easiest way to build a decentralized app

Build faster

You can build, launch and manage your web3 app in minutes with Node. Get started with our free plan.

Eliminate complexity

Managing infrastructure in-house takes significant resources and expertise. Focus on your products, and leave the rest to us.

Rely on trusted services

Build your product with peace of mind, relying on enterprise-grade security and high availability infrastructure.

Reduce costs

Node’s free plan saves on budget. As your usage and product grows, scale seamlessly with our Enterprise plan.

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Built for developers, by developers

Self-service onboarding and documentation make it easy to get started.

Built for developers, by developers
Advanced APIs

Advanced APIs

Abstract away the complexities of building on the blockchain with aggregated and filtered data in one API call. Easy-to-use queries provide comprehensive data for balances, transfers, and smart contract events.

  • Access to token balances for accounts

  • Transactions and transfers for accounts

  • Smart contract event logs

Build your NFT app with a few lines of code

NFT API gives you instant access to data about collections, user transactions, and tokens across 128K+ collections with 106M+ tokens! With NFT API, you can:

  • Index across ERC-721 and ERC-1155 tokens

  • Get cached images for quick and cost-efficient access

  • Access an expansive set of data through a single API

Build your NFT app with a few lines of code.
Real-time performance analytics and insights

Real-time performance analytics and insights

Get visibility into your infrastructure for troubleshooting and performance, including req uests and error graphs.

Node Enterprise

Node Enterprise allows you scale as your usage and business grows. Contact sales to learn more about the Enterprise plan.

Private, dedicated nodes

Ready to scale? Upgrade from shared to private nodes for maximum security and no rate limiting.

Multi-cloud, multi-region

Customize your infrastructure across multiple cloud providers and regions to add resiliency.

API key control

Control who uses your node and how much they use it. Create access tokens and apply optional rate limits.

Access to 25+ protocols

Build cross-chain applications with less effort. Node Enterprise supports dozens of protocol networks.

Time-saving indexers

Access structured data, query efficiently, and unlock insights faster. Available for Polkadot, Kusama, and Algorand.

Archival nodes

Get all the historical blockchain information you need, including forking the entire chain from its genesis block.

25 protocols supported and counting

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* Available in the Free Plan

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