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Is crypto safe?

Since 2008, hundreds of millions of people have safely exchanged trillions of dollars worth of crypto. In fact, security is a big reason why digital money was created. Unlike traditional currencies, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are open-source, meaning anyone can inspect the blockchains they run on, assuring that every transaction is accurate.

Why trust Coinbase?

To create a fair and open financial system, we’ve developed a deliberate approach for adding new assets to our platform. Every digital asset on Coinbase goes through an extensive review process ensuring it meets our security and compliance requirements.

How is my crypto stored?

Thanks to our best-in-class security practices, we’re the only crypto exchange to have never been hacked. We strategically store over 98% of deposits offline in secure cold storage facilities that are guarded and monitored 24/7. We also maintain an extensive insurance policy to protect assets held online.

Is my account safe?

We require all Coinbase accounts to have multi-factor authentication. This includes support for hardware keys, which are considered to be one of the strongest tools for authentication. Additionally, we offer extra security tools like Coinbase Vault and Address Book at no added cost. 

Help keep Coinbase customers safe

To all independent security researchers, learn more about our bug bounty program via