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Delivering deep, aggregate liquidity

Coinbase Prime delivers an institutional-grade trading platform that aggregates multi-venue liquidity, empowers advanced trading strategies, and helps you deploy capital at scale.

Institutional-Grade Crypto Trading Platform

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Multi-Venue Execution

Execute on multiple venues in one touch via our smart order router

Eliminate complexity You gain access to liquid exchanges and trading venues through a single access point. Maximize capital efficiencies Execute across multiple trading venues, wherever the best price is, through a single account. Coinbase Prime does all this – and more. Maintain anonymity When Coinbase Prime executes on exchanges, it does so as a single entity, ensuring that your trades are not decipherable to the market.

Control your trading strategy

Execute advanced strategies In addition to simple market and limit orders, use iceberg orders to limit the amount displayed in the order book or TWAP orders to limit market impact.

Deploy trades via Coinbase Prime APIs Coinbase Prime includes multiple APIs that let institutions place orders and monitor data feeds across the crypto market.

Allocate trades to multiple portfolios Execute trades in a single block and then allocate to specific portfolios after the fact, ensuring a single cost basis.

Algorithmic Crypto Trading Strategies
Institutional Grade Crypto Trading

Trade with our institutional-grade platform

Comprehensive market view View charts, depth of book, prices, and volumes for 200+ digital assets and nearly 300 trading pairs.

Own your view of the market With a price ladder, order ticket, or charting at your fingertips, you decide your preferred way to interact with the market.

Customize your order entry You choose whether you want to enter orders with one click or confirm each order as it’s being entered.

Analyze execution with post-trade reporting

Access intuitive summaries of trade performance Quickly understand notional value, fees, average price, and filled amount of every trade.

View specific execution metrics See how orders were split, routed, and filled optimally across venues, and download fill history details in CSV or PDF.

Enhance strategies over time Combine execution metrics and market metrics for a full, accurate view of the market during the trade.

Coinbase Prime Post Execution Report

Tap our agency trading desk for your execution

Coinbase Execution Services, our agency trading desk, will provide insight into the market environment, liquidity characteristics, and trading activity in order to help you plan or execute your trade.

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