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MobieCoin (MBX) is not tradable on Coinbase.

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Info over MobieCoin

MobiePay (MobieCoin) is a universal payment and reward platform that lets users spend or exchange traditional currencies and cryptocurrencies directly through mobile phones to other users and merchants. As per the whitepaper, the network aims to decrease the inconvenience in the payment process and provide instant cash back to users on trades. Therefore, the currency is designed as an integrated payment token that connects any cryptocurrency and traditional currency to online sites and the global retail marketplace. The asset seeks to link local and cryptocurrency for a revolutionary new payment standard. 

The goal of Mobie is to popularize cryptocurrency in the global marketplace to increase its use for granular transactions. The currency is also poised to set up a new payment channel and cross-border payments for consumers that do not have a bank account.

The vision of this platform is to bridge the gap between traditional currencies and cryptocurrencies and create an open financial ecosystem by developing a multi-functional mobile wallet. The MobiePay digital wallet and protocol aims to allow access to both the currencies in real time and enable cashless and cardless transactions to build a system that eliminates chargebacks and fraud.

MobiePay was designed by MobieCoin (MBX). MBX is a Stellar utility token that serves as the economic engine and drives settlements, payments, spending, and rewards in the MobiePay ecosystem. Stellar is a decentralized protocol that transfers cryptocurrency to traditional currency on an open-source code. A user can exchange MBX for various rewards within the Mobile app or participating retailers.

Further, this payment system uses the token to activate the real-time point of sale (POS), and payments are made directly from the user's mobile wallet. Mobie's token seeks to facilitate secure borderless transactions and incentivize the transactions with rewards that help motivate users to adopt the technology. Token holders of MGX are also rewarded for referring and utilizing the Mobie network.

The mission of this asset is to develop an accessible and reliable platform for the existing payment and banking infrastructure. Therefore, MobiePay is getting designed with on-chain and off-chain components to increase transaction flexibility.

The founder of MobieCoin is Brandon Burgason (CEO & founder), who also founded its parent organization, So/Me Technologies, Inc. He brought extensive marketing background and technology and finance expertise while developing the asset. The total supply of the Mobie token is 7 billion MBX tokens.



Gegevens zijn afkomstig van derden. Wij geven geen verklaring over de nauwkeurigheid van de verstrekte gegevens. Meer informatie


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MobieCoin stijgt deze week.

De prijs van MobieCoin is het afgelopen uur met 100,00% increased en in de afgelopen 24 uur met 100,00% increased. De prijs van MobieCoin is de afgelopen week ook met 100,00% risen.

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Wat is de huidige prijs van MobieCoin?

We werken onze MobieCoin naar USD valuta in realtime bij. Ontvang de actuele prijs van MobieCoin op Coinbase.

Welke andere activa lijken op MobieCoin ?

Activa die een vergelijkbare marktkapitalisatie hebben als MobieCoin , zijn onder meer Ethereum, Tether, BNB en vele anderen. Voor een volledige lijst, zie onze vergelijkbare marktkapitalisatie-activa.

Kan ik MobieCoin op Coinbase kopen?

Ja, MobieCoin is momenteel beschikbaar via Coinbase Wallet. Voor meer gedetailleerde instructies kunt u onze handige gids voor kopen van MobieCoin raadplegen.