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Capitalizzazione di mercato

15,3 Mio USD

Volume (24 ore)

71.313,77 USD

Offerta in circolazione

373,0 Bln YOOSHI

Massimo storico

0,00000052 USD

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Il prezzo di YooShi è in ascesa questa settimana.

Il prezzo di YooShi è salito del 4,09% negli ultimi 7 giorni. Il prezzo è salito del 2,27% nelle ultime 24 ore. Nell'ultima ora il prezzo è salito del 0,29%. Il prezzo attuale è 0,00000004 USD per YOOSHI. Il prezzo di YooShi è inferiore del 92,09% rispetto al massimo storico di 0,00000052 USD.

L'attuale offerta in circolazione è 372.963.992.718.426 YOOSHI.


What Is YooShi (YOOSHI)?

YooShi (YOOSHI) describes itself as a fully decentralized, community-driven meme token of the YooShi ecosystem. YooShi plans to build wealth through the game and is a practitioner of play-to-earn. The platform commits to building a bridge between the play-to-earn (P2E) games and players and allows users to earn. As the website states, YooShi is the world's leading play-to-earn platform. The properties and functions of YooShi seek to evolve more as the community grows. YooShi aims to build the blockchain game metaverse, wholly owned and operated by users. YooShi provides an open platform for game developers to launch their games and community tokens to benefit their game fans. The YooShi metaverse consists of:

  • YooShi Games: The owner of products and services like GameFi Launchpad, NFT marketplace, NFT mining, farms, and ImYooShi wallet. Also, YooShi Games commits to providing high-quality P2E games for global game users. 

  • YooShi Labs: YooShi GameFi Labs is an independent game incubator in the era of Web 3.0. YooShi Labs helps game developers provide the complete GameFi game design system and technical support to finish blockchain game development more efficiently. 

  • P2E Guild Alliance (P2EGA): P2EGA is a P2E gaming guild alliance that hopes to help millions of low-income people to gain profits through P2E games and bring more users into the game.

The YooShi metaverse in the future aims to have various sub-blockchain game metaverses built by community users. In the design of the YooShi GameFi system, NFT is a kind of "mining machine." Different NFTs have different "mining power” that depends on NFT types and can be generated by earning tokens by NFT staking. Presently, YooShi NFTs are divided into YooShi Family NFT, YooShi Friends Fragment NFT, and YooShi Friends NFT. With the YooShi ecosystem's continuous development, new NFTs seek to join the YooShi Family NFT series in the future.

The website states that YooShi aims to build one of the top decentralized NFT trading and auction markets on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). YooShi NFT auction function is unique and exciting. When an auction work is released, each new bid must be a 10% premium over the previous bid, of which 2% goes to the previous bidder and 8% to the auction publisher. Therefore, as long as users participate in the auction, they either get the auction item or get the income, and no one returns empty-handed in the YooShi NFT auction market. Also, users can trade their NFTs on YooShi. The trading market is where NFT holders offer prices to allow other players to purchase. 

The platform's native token is YOOSHI, built on Binance Smart Chain(BSC). The token is designed with the burning mechanism and auto-liquidity function. Coin burning permits users to remove tokens from circulation, reducing the number of coins in use. One of the essential features of YOOSHI is that it practices large-scale decentralization. Moreover, YOOSHI features the black hole algorithm, which owned over 50% of the supply at launch. The black hole is considered as one of the wallet holders to which 4% of transactions are distributed. Thus, it results in the black hole's exponential growth and the token supply's burn. Also, users can stake YOOSHI and other cryptographic assets as a liquidity provider to YOOSHI mining pools to obtain yield. 

History of YooShi (YOOSHI)

YooShi's name and appearance are based on Yoshi, a dinosaur from Super Mario games. It’s a 100% fair launched token that brings both fun and profits. There is no presale and no team allocation, and no one owns the contract key.

The token's total supply is 1,000,000,000,000,000 YOOSHI.

How Are New YooShi (YOOSHI) Earned?

On the YooShi website, users can stake NFT to earn rewards. After staking successfully, users may collect the yielded tokens in their wallets. The earlier users stake NFT, the more they can yield. 

YOOSHI token has an innovative NFT blind-box playing method. Users can use YOOSHI to open YooShi BOX for NFT. Users gain collection value and can be pledged to NFT farm to earn YOOSHI token income. 3% of all transaction fees get injected into NFT Ffarming. The rarer the NFT, the higher the profit is obtained. YOOSHI has a feature of safe auto-farming, meaning 4% of all transaction fees are distributed to holders. Users experience wealth accumulation in their wallets the minute they start holding.

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Qual è il prezzo attuale di YooShi?

Aggiorniamo il prezzo di YooShi in USD in tempo reale. Ottieni il prezzo di YooShi in tempo reale su Coinbase.

Qual è la capitalizzazione di mercato di YooShi?

L'attuale capitalizzazione di mercato di YooShi è 15,34 Mio USD. Una capitalizzazione di mercato elevata implica che il mercato attribuisce una valutazione elevata all'asset.

Qual è il massimo storico di YooShi?

Il massimo storico di YooShi è 0,00000052 USD. Questo massimo storico è il prezzo più elevato pagato per YooShi dal suo lancio.

Qual è il volume di negoziazione su 24 ore di YooShi?

Nelle ultime 24 ore, il volume di negoziazione di YooShi è stato pari a 71.313,77 USD.

Quali altri asset sono simili a YooShi?

Gli asset che hanno una capitalizzazione di mercato simile a YooShi includono CENNZnet, S.S. Lazio Fan Token, MANTRA DAO e molte altre. Per visualizzare un elenco completo, consulta la pagina asset con capitalizzazione di mercato comparabili.

Qual è la quantità di YooShi in circolazione?

La quantità di YooShi attualmente in circolazione è 373 mila miliardi.

Posso acquistare YooShi su Coinbase?

No, YooShi non è attualmente disponibile su Coinbase, ma puoi registrarti per ottenere gli ultimi aggiornamenti su YooShi e ricevere una notifica quando l'asset sarà aggiunto alla nostra piattaforma.