Introducing: Coinbase Partner Network

August 16, 2023

TL;DR: Coinbase launches its inaugural partner program to help deliver Web3 solutions at scale, announcing thirdweb, Fundraise Up, Mojito, Lazer Technologies, Bitwave, and Crossmint as first movers.


Imagine having to build an entire house by yourself. Now imagine how much harder it would be without access to architects, plumbers, electricians, or trusted specialists.

This is what brands feel like entering web3.

In the same way homebuilders rely on specialists for optimal growth, brands need trusted third-party partners as they architect onchain experiences.

Unfortunately, leading brands and creators often struggle to find trusted, reliable partners to help them launch and build effectively. This forces them to grapple with the technical and resource-intensive complexities on their own without a clear and simple path to web3 market entry.

Today, we are introducing Coinbase Partner Network (CPN) to solve this problem.

What is the Coinbase Partner Network

CPN is a vetted ecosystem of industry-leading partners, focused on helping brands launch end-to-end, Coinbase-powered solutions. 

By onboarding and working directly with industry leading partners, CPN will serve as the ideal starting place for brands and enterprises looking to build onchain. 

Selected partners may have the opportunity to enjoy a range of benefits including:

  • Direct communication channels to Coinbase sales and onboarding

  • Technical consulting with Solution Architecture team

  • Early access to developer tooling, API testing, and product roadmaps

  • Lead sharing and referral pipeline

  • API certification for ‘Official Partner’ status

Our Two Types of Partners:

There are two distinct types of partners that can join CPN. 

  1. Technology Partners integrate Coinbase APIs directly into their platform offering, simplifying Web3 onboarding and activation for end clients. Ex: Fundraise Up integrating crypto donations for nonprofits | See Case Study

  2. Consulting Partners leverage Coinbase APIs to build custom solutions for end clients. These partners can be trained and certified on specific Coinbase API offerings, or simply refer complementary clients to Coinbase. Ex: PERCS helping Budweiser accept crypto payments for NFTs | See Case Study

Looking to integrate or build bespoke Coinbase solutions?

Apply to become a Coinbase Partner

Accelerating and Scaling Web3 Adoption

Evaluation, integration, and eventual onchain deployment can be intimidating and heavily time consuming for brands. Partners are solving this in a variety of ways today:

  • Platforms like Mojito natively integrate Coinbase to simplify crypto checkouts for NFTs — See Case Study

  • Consultants like EY work with Coinbase Sales teams to win and maintain client relationships moving onchain

  • Developers like Lazer become CPN-Certified to help clients build with Coinbase Cloud products

  • Web3 leaders like thirdweb and Crossmint build offerings on Base to unlock specific onchain functionality for end clients

Online —> Onchain

As the next billion users are coming onchain, simplifying the creation of web3 experiences is crucial for both businesses and their customers. Coinbase APIs across wallets, onramps, payments, trading, and more provide the tools to build web3 experiences and together with the growing network of partners, we’re poised to usher the next cohort of web3 users onchain. 

We are just getting started! Applications to the Coinbase Partner Network are now open. If you are interested in joining visit and get in touch

- By Drew Rogers, Coinbase Partner Network Lead