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OAuth Apps on Coinbase

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, February 18, 2015

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Do you want to send small amounts of bitcoin to friends across the web? Buy and sell things globally with your mobile device? Collect tips on Twitch for great content? You’re in luck — there’s a Coinbase app for that.

There is a growing array of applications built with the Coinbase API that enable you to do things that weren’t possible before Bitcoin. As a Coinbase user, you can benefit from the innovation happening in the Bitcoin world by securely connecting your Coinbase account to third party applications with the OAuth2 protocol.

Here’s a few of the most exciting apps that are currently using the Coinbase API:


ChangeTip allows you to send micropayments frictionlessly across the web. It’s a great way to show love for a comment on Reddit or introduce a friend to bitcoin on Twitter. ChangeTip allows you to link your Coinbase account and then seamlessly deposit funds within the ChangeTip user interface.


Gliph offers an easy way to buy and sell things using bitcoin. Create a listing, communicate with interested buyers, and sell your items using Gliph’s iPhone, Android or desktop apps. Gliph makes global e-commerce simple on mobile by allowing you to link your Coinbase account and start sending and receiving payments within the application.


Streamtip allows Twitch streamers to collect tips. Streamtip has over 200,000 users across the world who actively stream videos on Twitch and receive tips. Streamtip users are increasingly recognizing that connecting a Coinbase account is a great way to receive tips from a global audience.

For a broad list of Coinbase-enabled apps, visit our app gallery. If you’re a developer looking to build your own app using the Coinbase API, you can get started here.

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