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Crypto: Moving America Forward

Tl;dr: Today we launch "Crypto: Moving America Forward," a national campaign aimed at highlighting the importance of cryptocurrency as a technology that will modernize the global financial system.

By Coinbase


, May 22, 2023

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Crypto: Moving America Forward

In February, Coinbase commissioned a national survey from Morning Consult that shows that one in five Americans own crypto and that 80% of Americans want to update the system. We then announced Go Broad, Go Deep, a global initiative to expand Coinbase's presence in leading global financial markets that are seeking to become crypto hubs, including the UK, Canada, Dubai, Brazil, and Singapore. In the context of this work, Coinbase launched a global advisory council; shared third party data projecting that over the next six years a million high quality developer jobs would be created by crypto (with millions of adjacent jobs) and that the US was losing global market share; and announced the launch of a new international exchange in Bermuda. 

Today, Coinbase is launching Crypto: Moving America Forward, a national campaign to explain crypto’s critical role as an underlying technology that will update the global financial system. With China embracing and advancing the use of technology, including digital assets, to project power, Crypto: Moving America Forward will also make clear that US global economic leadership and national security are at risk if the US cedes its role in building  technology that will be central to the world’s financial infrastructure. 

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Crypto as an Underlying Technology–A Story in Four Chapters: 

Coinbase's campaign begins with a series of four ads featuring CEO Brian Armstrong. These ads will air on popular Sunday shows, with a new chapter premiering each weekend. Together, they will explain why crypto matters and what is at stake for the United States. 

The History of Money Initiative:

An educational program showcasing the history of money. This element of Crypto: Moving America Forward will include:

  • A historical timeline of currency, from goats in 10,000 BC to crypto today, created by Coinbase in partnership with a historian of money.  

  • A wallscape campaign on Wall Street visually documenting the historian's work.  

  • An armored money truck turned mobile-billboard that will literally drive around NYC to show how inefficiently money moves today. Manhattan will be the truck's first stop, with more locations and content to come throughout the year.

  • A series of messages aired during the NBA playoffs on the need to update the financial system.  

Stand With Crypto Day:

Building on the success of previous initiatives, such as Stand With Crypto and Crypto435, Coinbase plans to engage directly with the crypto community through the Coinbase app. On July 19, Coinbase will organize Stand for Crypto Day, where members of the cryptoeconomy will converge in Washington, D.C., to advocate for crypto-friendly policies with their respective members of Congress.

Real People Using Crypto for Real Needs:

To demonstrate the practical applications of crypto, Coinbase will feature real examples of people using crypto to pursue economic freedom and other opportunities. These stories will highlight the many ways in which crypto can positively impact people's lives.

The State of Crypto Summit:

In collaboration with the Financial Times, Coinbase will host the State of Crypto Summit in New York City on June 22. This event will bring together influential stakeholders from the traditional financial sector to discuss the various ways in which crypto is being deployed as a financial technology. The summit will showcase the sector's progress and present data documenting the pace of crypto adoption. Panels featuring financial leaders, national security experts, policymakers, and other industry professionals will provide valuable insights into the future of crypto.

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