Dev Foundations

Study the fundamentals of blockchain development

10 Reasons for Developing On-chain

By leveraging the power of blockchain with Coinbase Cloud’s full stack resources, develope...

Introduction to Avalanche Subnets

Learn about Avalanche subnets and how they can help builders scale their applications

Three ways to integrate Coinbase Wallet

Coinbase Wallet SDK is available for any dapp developer and wallet as an open source and s...

Coinbase Wallet • Coinbase Wallet SDK

Elevate your dapp with Coinbase Wallet

Follow along with our workshop to learn how to connect your dapp to Coinbase Wallet

Use web3-react to connect to Coinbase Wallet and others

How to connect your dapp to web3 wallets using the web3-react library

Coinbase Cloud discover knowledge base devfounds digging into cosmos stack header

Digging into the Cosmos Stack

Taking a deep dive into how each layer of the Cosmos Stack functions, including the SDK, T...

Tendermint • Cosmos
coinbase cloud discover asbcs and tendermint header

Application-specific blockchains and the Cosmos Ecosystem

Choosing which ecosystem to launch a web3 application in, and whether to use an existing b...

Application layer • Tendermint

Why digital signatures are essential for blockchains

Digital messages can be authenticated using cryptography. But the systems behind digital s...

Blockchain • Cryptography
Coinbase Cloud Discover knoweledge base dev founds header image

DeFi defined: a guide to decentralized finance

DeFi leverages blockchain technology to challenge traditional banking and bring financial...

Fundamentals • Application layer
Coinbase Cloud Discover knowledge base what is blockchain infrastructure header image

What is blockchain infrastructure?

Every complex system requires appropriate infrastructure, or resources and an underlying f...

Fundamentals • Blockchain

Network or protocol? Token or coin? Deciphering the difference

The language associated with blockchain technology can be confusing. The terms “blockchain...

Fundamentals • Layer 1
Coinbase Cloud Discover what are blockchain clients header image

Blockchain client types

There are four basic blockchain client types, each of which has a different use within the...

Nodes • Fundamentals
Coinbase Cloud Discover developer foundations what is IBC header image

What is the Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC)?

The Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC) allows independent blockchains to direct...

Cosmos • Tendermint
Coinbase Cloud Discover insights eth2 aggregation header image

eth2 insights: aggregation performance

In our eth2 insights series, Elias Simos, Protocol Specialist at Coinbase Cloud, shares hi...

eth2 • Performance
Coinbase Cloud discover validator effectiveness

eth2 insights: validator effectiveness

The third post in our eth2 Insights Series discusses the parameters governing validator ef...

eth2 • Performance

eth2 insights: slashings

In our eth2 insights series, Elias Simos, Protocol Specialist at Coinbase Cloud, shares hi...

eth2 • Performance

eth2 terminology

A non-exhaustive list of key terms to help you understand the eth2 protocol

eth2 • Proof of stake

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