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Il prezzo di SunContract è salito del 14,26% negli ultimi 7 giorni. Il prezzo è salito del 0,82% nelle ultime 24 ore. Nell'ultima ora il prezzo è salito del 0,10%. Il prezzo attuale è 0,0322 USD per SNC. Il prezzo di SunContract è inferiore del 95,47% rispetto al massimo storico di 0,71 USD.

L'attuale offerta in circolazione è 0 SNC.


What IsSunContract (SNC)?

SunContract is a blockchain-based P2P (peer-to-peer) energy trading platform. The platform intends to be an easy way for producers and consumers to trade in clean electricity, helping increase profitability but not at the expense of the environment. SunContract aims to give control to energy customers while helping them reshape habits into sustainable ones. The team at SunContract believes that all innovation and technology should contribute towards three dimensions of sustainable development: social, economic, and environmental. Thus, the platform’s marketplace is intended to achieve the same.

According to the whitepaper, a blockchain can acquire the role of the middle man as a technology infrastructure, which can by default be trusted since all transactions on the blockchain are peer-to-peer reviewable. Thus, SunContract seeks to disrupt the energy segment with a new business model backed by blockchain technology. The platform seeks to connect electricity producers and consumers directly using an electricity pool based on smart contracts, a new approach towards peer-to-peer electricity trading. SunContract looks forward to enabling customers to trade energy directly with one another in the absence of intermediaries. In addition, the platform’s energy marketplace aims to create an ideal solution removing the inefficiency costs that energy customers have been paying for over a century.

The platform aims to offer the following features:

  • Energy Marketplace: Make direct price agreements with traders in the marketplace.

  • An energy solution for everyone: Trade preferred renewable energy option.

  • Monitor the energy activities: Access energy data regularly (daily, weekly, monthly, and annually) and adjust energy behavior accordingly.

  • Energy self-sufficiency vendor: Provide consultation about self-sufficiency products. The platform looks forward to delivering an uninterrupted supply of clean, locally sourced renewable energy to residential and business energy consumers.

SunContract (SNC) is the native token of the platform. An Ethereum-based payment method, SNC is digitally tradable. A digital asset, the SNC token is primarily used for trading electricity and energy products on the SunContract ecosystem.

History of SunContract (SNC)

The SunContract (SNC) token’s promotion was started in 2017, and SNC token listing on global exchanges was done in 2018. The whitepaper of the token was released in April 2017. The max supply of the token is 122,707,503 SNC.

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Qual è il prezzo attuale di SunContract?

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L'attuale capitalizzazione di mercato di SunContract è 0,00 USD. Una capitalizzazione di mercato elevata implica che il mercato attribuisce una valutazione elevata all'asset.

Qual è il massimo storico di SunContract?

Il massimo storico di SunContract è 0,71 USD. Questo massimo storico è il prezzo più elevato pagato per SunContract dal suo lancio.

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Nelle ultime 24 ore, il volume di negoziazione di SunContract è stato pari a 265.082,94 USD.

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La quantità di SunContract attualmente in circolazione è 0.

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Sì, SunContract è attualmente disponibile su Coinbase wallet. Per istruzioni più dettagliate, consulta la nostra guida come acquistare SunContract.