Virtual panel: Developing node operator performance standards

December 13, 2023

This panel delves into how industry leaders are evaluating validator performance benchmarks, the challenges of operating ETH validators at scale, and the impact that node operator performance methodology and SLAs will have on the LST ecosystem.

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At a glance

Coinbase Cloud joined the Node Operator Working Group to create a standardized approach to assess node operator performance and establish baselines for them. We believe these are critical pieces for the development of the LST ecosystem. Topics covered by the panel include:

  • What the Node Operator Working Group is, and why it was created

  • Why objective validator performance measurements are necessary for the ecosystem's growth

  • Our approach to developing performance methodology

  • Key features of the Rated Validator Effectiveness Rating (RAVER) — the benchmark used for measuring performance

  • How we collectively evaluated RAVER

  • The impact that node operator performance methodology and SLAs will have on the LST ecosystem


Aaron Henshaw, Partner, Ambush Capital


Dimiter Georgiev, Product Manager, Alluvial

Brian Robbins, Senior Engineering Manager, Coinbase Cloud

Joshua Faier, Senior Product Manager, Figment

Elias Simos, Co-Founder & CEO, Rated


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