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Welcome your users to web3

The most user-friendly way to onboard your customers to web3.

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The full capabilities of web3 without compromising simplicity

Seamless user experience

Users can create, access and restore their wallets with authentication as simple as a username and password.

Own your keys

Users have full control over their assets and can export their keys off platform at any time.

Native integration

With our APIs, you can build native wallet capabilities into your application while maintaining a cohesive user experience.

Built for scale

Coinbase has a proven track record in providing secure, scalable and user-friendly gateways to web3 for millions.

Wallet as a Service

Wallet as a Service (WaaS) offers a set of wallet infrastructure APIs that allows businesses to create and provide their customers access to web3 wallets natively in their apps.

  • Create on-chain wallets

  • Enable web3 interactions

  • Personalize user experiences

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Advanced Cryptography

Wallets deployed with our APIs use advanced multi-party computation (MPC) to keep user assets safe. This involves securely dividing, encrypting and distributing cryptographic keys among multiple parties for added protection against theft or unauthorized use.

  • More recoverable

  • Fully self-sovereign

  • No single point of failure

Learn more about safeguarding crypto assets.

Built for companies of all sizes

WaaS documentation and resources make it easy to get started. Reach out to our team to join the waitlist for access.

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