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US$ 79,5 mln.

Volume (24 uur)

US$ 3,6 mln.

Hoeveelheid in omloop

51,5 mln. RAD

Gemiddelde bewaartijd

7 dagen


nummer 358


US$ 27,35

Prijswijziging (1u)


Prijswijziging (24u)


Prijswijziging (7d)


Info over Radworks

$RAD is een Ethereum-token dat het Radworks-ecosysteem aanstuurt. Radworks is een door de gemeenschap bestuurde organisatie die nieuwe, veerkrachtige, toestemmingsloze technologieën financiert om internetvrijheid te cultiveren. Het is de organisatie achter Radicle, een soeverein peer-to-peer netwerk voor samenwerking in code, gebouwd op Git, en Drips, een peer-to-peer oplossing voor het delen en splitsen van fondsen, gebouwd op Ethereum.

What Is Radicle (RAD) Protocol?

Radicle (RAD) is an open protocol-based decentralized coding collaboration network. Radicle allows developers to collaborate on code without the use of a third party. Radicle was designed to replicate the functionality of centralized code collaboration platforms while preserving Git's (software/platform that acts as a repository for a developer's source code) peer-to-peer nature, hence expanding the benefits of distributed version control.

Problem: Open-source software development has become the norm over the past decade. The open and public sharing of code has lowered the cost and complexity of developing software, resulting in a rise in IT innovation.For example, GitHub and GitLab have greatly aided the spread of open source by making it available to a wider audience. These platforms built common terminology and practices, made Git more accessible to a wider audience, encouraged social coding, and developed standard language and habits. They have also unquestionably changed the way programmers write code. These technologies host a massive repository of open-source development, which includes code, bugs, reviews, and comments.

However, as these platforms are owned by corporations, they are subject to corporate law and can establish their own terms of service. Besides, these platforms are vulnerable to censorship, as well as corporate and government interests that regularly clash with the ethics of free and open-source communities.

Solution: Radicle was created as a substitute for GitHub and similar platforms. Radicle's purpose is to eliminate intermediaries and build a peer-to-peer ecosystem that is dependable, efficient, and secure. 

As per the platform's blog, The two main objectives of the Radicle project are: 

  • Create a durable collaborative infrastructure that respects users' freedoms without relying on trusted gatekeepers of state rulers.

  • Employ the newly established sovereign financial infrastructure (Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeFi) to generate new value for developers.

An important component of the Radicle Ecosystem is the Radicle Link. The Radicle Link is a peer-to-peer gossip protocol with a configurable and distributed version control backend. Though the protocol's initial implementation focuses on Git, the Radicle Link wants to be versatile enough to be used on top of other systems. The protocol spreads Git repositories using gossip-based replication, described in detail in the next paragraph, allowing them to be hosted and shared without the requirement of centralized servers. Repositories are referred to as projects on the Radicle network. 

Gossip Mechanism: In the gossip mechanism, network participants share and distribute material they are interested in by storing redundant copies locally and then sharing (otherwise known as replicating) their local data with selected peers. Radicle Link maintains Git's efficiency in data replication while delivering global decentralized repository storage via the peer-to-peer networking layer by exploiting Git's smart transfer protocol. Hence, developers can share and work together on Git repositories without needing to rely on intermediaries like hosted servers. This is because all data on the network is stored by the network members locally.

The native token of the platform is called RAD, which is based on the Ethereum ERC20 standard.

What Is the History of Radicle (RAD)?

Alexis Sellier and Eleftherios Diakomichalis founded Radicle in 2018 to create a sustainable and equitable way to finance and maintain public software projects. Radicle is a project of the Radicle Foundation, which was established in 2020 in Switzerland. The non-profit foundation is committed to developing peer-to-peer technologies that promote internet freedom. Radicle launched the test-net in November 2020, and in February 2021, the RAD token was launched.

How Are New (RAD) Created?

RAD, the Ethereum token, powers the Radicle project. As per the platform's blog, the RAD token was launched as a governance token to enable collective governance and the long-term sustainability of the network. The governance model forked from the compound protocol gives owners the right to control the membership experiences. This model can be used to change fees, upgrade contracts, or introduce new experiences.5 Anyone can buy or hold the token to become a member of the Radicle network. In exchange, the members get discounts or fee waivers when interacting with their Ethereum-based protocols. The members also get a right to vote in the Radicle smart contract system. Thereby, the token holders can experience the benefits of governance and establish a new model for the open-source infrastructure. On the contrary, if they are unsatisfied with the network, Radicle users can avail themselves of an exit option by voicing their concerns in the governance system.

To fill in, smart contracts are just like regular contracts; however, instead of being drafted on paper, these contracts run in the form of protocols on the blockchain. 

How Many RAD Are There?

The maximum supply of RAD is 100,000,000 coins.

How to Buy RAD Tokens

RAD can be traded on Coinbase's centralized exchange.


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Radworks stijgt deze week.

De prijs van Radworks is de afgelopen 7 dagen met 6,21% gestegen. De prijs is de afgelopen 24 uur met 0,65% gedaald In het afgelopen uur is de prijs met 0,51% gedaald. De huidige prijs is US$ 1,55 per RAD . Radworks is 94,35% onder US$ 27,35, de hoogste prijs ooit.

Het huidige circulerende aanbod is 51.455.979,656 RAD .

Veelgestelde vragen

Wat is de huidige prijs van Radworks?

We werken onze Radworks naar USD valuta in realtime bij. Ontvang de actuele prijs van Radworks op Coinbase.

Wat is de marktkapitalisatie van Radworks?

De huidige marktkapitalisatie van Radworks is US$ 79,50 mln.. Een hoge marktkapitalisatie houdt in dat het activum zeer gewaardeerd wordt door de markt.

Wat is het hoogste punt ooit van Radworks ?

Het hoogste punt ooit van Radworks is US$ 27,35. Dit hoogste punt ooit is de hoogste prijs die is betaald voor Radworks sinds de lancering.

Wat is het 24-uurs handelsvolume van Radworks?

In de afgelopen 24 uur was het handelsvolume van Radworks US$ 3,55 mln..

Welke andere activa lijken op Radworks ?

Activa die een vergelijkbare marktkapitalisatie hebben als Radworks , zijn onder meer Marlin, MovieBloc, Ergo en vele anderen. Voor een volledige lijst, zie onze vergelijkbare marktkapitalisatie-activa.

Hoeveel Radworks zijn er?

Het huidige circulerende aanbod van Radworks is 51 miljoen.

Wat is de gemiddelde bewaartijd van Radworks?

De gemiddelde tijd dat Coinbase-klanten Radworks bewaren voordat ze deze verkopen of naar een ander account of adres verzenden is 7 dagen.

Wat is de relatieve populariteit van Radworks?

Radworks rangschikt 150 onder verhandelbare activa op Coinbase. Populariteit is momenteel gebaseerd op de relatieve marktkapitalisatie.

Wat is de huidige handelsactiviteit van Radworks?

Momenteel koopt 55% van de Coinbase-gebruikers Radworks. Met andere woorden, 55% van de Coinbase-klanten heeft diens nettopositie in Radworks de afgelopen 24 uur verhoogd door te handelen.

Kan ik Radworks op Coinbase kopen?

Ja, Radworks is momenteel niet beschikbaar op de gecentraliseerde beurs van Coinbase. Voor meer gedetailleerde instructies kunt u onze handige gids voor kopen van Radworks raadplegen.

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