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Segregated and secure digital asset custody

Join the most robust, regulated institutions who have chosen to use our platform to store and manage their digital assets.

Custody Digital Assets

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Secure your digital assets

Access Coinbase Vault storage More than cold storage, Coinbase Vault storage combines physical security, consensus computation, and strict process controls into one world-class solution.

Partner with a regulated entity Coinbase Custody Trust Company is a fiduciary under New York state banking law and a Qualified Custodian. Our systems and processes are regularly audited: Coinbase Custody Trust Company maintains SOC 1 Type II and SOC 2 Type II audits by Deloitte & Touche.

Find confidence in our approach Our key generation and cold-storage technology are derived from 12+ years of in-house development.

Access a broad range of digital assets

Get broad asset support Clients can access 400+ assets today, with more being added regularly. We are committed to growing our roster of supported assets.

Participate in governance Get the option to manually vote on proposals or delegate your vote (on-chain or via snapshot) to a third party for select assets – all without removing assets from cold storage.

Custody Digital Assets
Staking Digital Assets

Easily stake assets for additional yield opportunities

Earn rewards directly in Coinbase Prime Earn rewards without removing digital assets from Vault storage – ensuring they stay safe and secure.

Find the right staking solution From liquid and traditional staking to running a dedicated validator, we can help you get started with a flexible staking solution to fit your institution’s needs.

Grow opportunities with multiple assets We support staking for Avalanche, Axelar, Cardano, Cosmos, Celo, Ether, lsETH, Kusama, NEAR, Polkadot, Polygon, Solana, Stacks, Sui, and Tezos. Each asset has varying rewards and minimums mandated at the protocol level. Asset availability may depend on client jurisdiction and custody entity.

Access web3, DeFi, and NFTs

Operate onchain, straight from Prime Set up and access a multi-user web3 wallet directly from your existing Coinbase Prime account.

Store all assets in one place Store any assets on nine supported networks including NFTs and DeFi tokens, with separate tabs for an aggregate view of NFTs and DeFi positions. Governance and other smart contract interactions are supported by default for all tokens.

Leverage enterprise-grade security and tooling We built our wallet with multiple, resilient recovery methods, flexible team member permissioning, and customizable workflows to meet the needs of institutional investors.

Learn more about our web3 offering here.

Cold Storage with Coinbase Prime

Tailor your setup to meet your organization’s needs

Choose your level of Prime Our full version of Coinbase Prime offers advanced trading, secure custody, and financing solutions. Or you can choose to only have access to our world-class custody solution with Coinbase Prime: Custody Only.

Face the right custodial entity Find a suite of custodial wallet services to meet your legal, regulatory, and compliance needs.

Gain control over your security Customize your security controls and consensus settings or adjust user roles and permissions to fit your organization’s workflow.

Looking to provide your clients with secure staking solutions?

Access best-in-class staking infrastructure without the overhead and operational burden of running your own validators. Leverage our experience serving fintechs, dapps, LST providers, and wallets with secure, reliable, easy-to-use staking solutions.

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