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Fireside chat: Restaking, AVSs, and building on EigenLayer

January 16, 2024

In this session, we’ll discuss restaking, Actively Validated Services (AVSs), and projects already building on EigenLayer to help restakers, operators, and developers better understand the protocol and how they can get involved.

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At a glance

EigenLayer is a new primitive that is changing the way we think about staking and building on Ethereum. The protocol launched restaking on Ethereum mainnet last year, and has already seen 135,000 ETH restaked. In November 2023 they launched the testnet for a series of exciting developments, including allowing operators to start validating data availability via their first Actively Validated Service or AVS (EigenDA), delegation for restaking, and integration for rollups on EigenDA.

In this fireside chat, Senior Protocol Specialist Ben Rodriguez speaks with Sreeram Kannan, CEO of EigenLabs (the team behind EigenLayer). Topics covered include:

  • What EigenLayer is, and how different players come together to form the ecosystem

  • Explanation of Actively Validated Services (AVSs)

  • How the first AVS on EigenLayer, EigenDA, works

  • How Restaked Rollups (a newly introduced AVS category) work

  • How EigenLayer helps L2s scale

  • Exciting projects building on EigenLayer

  • What's next for EigenLayer


Ben Rodriguez, Senior Protocol Specialist, Coinbase Cloud

Guest speaker

Sreeram Kannan, Chief Executive Officer, EigenLabs


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