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24,8 mln USD

Wolumen (24h)

458 472,85 USD

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17,5 mld BLOK

Maksimum historyczne

0,18 USD

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Bloktopia rośnie w tym tygodniu.

Cena Bloktopia wzrosła o 1,77% w ciągu ostatnich 7 dni. Cena wzrosła o 2,56% w ciągu ostatnich 24 godzin. Tylko w ciągu ostatniej godziny cena wzrosła o 0,07%. Aktualna cena to 0,0014 USD za BLOK. Bloktopia jest 99,21% poniżej historycznego maksimum 0,18 USD.

Obecna podaż w obiegu wynosi 17 536 640 676 BLOK.

InformacjeO nas

What Is Bloktopia (BLOK)? 

Bloktopia is a 21-story skyscraper designed to honor the 21 million Bitcoins mined. The platform aspires to serve as a primary center for crypto enthusiasts of all levels. Users have access to crypto-related information and immersive content within one spot. 

Bloktopians, the platform's users, can earn money through owning real estate, earning advertising revenue, playing games, building networks, and more. The platform leverages this technology by using an innovative real-time 3D creation engine to produce unique visualizations and user experiences. The platform also aims to provide the crypto community with a first-of-its-kind VR experience by gathering users together through a single immersive and entertaining space. The platform intends to provide users with a landscape of earning possibilities. Bloktopia real estate seeks to be accessible for its platform users to trade following the initial offering. Passive income, staking, and advertising are some of the other alternatives. Users can come and play games, engage with friends, and socialize in a virtual reality world that is comprehensive and first-person. 

Further, users can participate in events to win rewards by creating scenes, artworks, challenges, and even more using the simple builder tool. The SDK gives increasingly experienced creators the tools they need to flood the world with social applications and games.  

With such a large user base, the platform seeks to monetize through advertising and sponsorship, giving users the chance to participate in revenue generation via an NFT mechanism. 

Bloktopia's native token, BLOK, is essential to trade or lease any real estate inside the network. Users also have access to an NFT mechanism to trade products from the marketplace. The marketplace features commodities for modifying both real estate and avatars. BLOK is thus a utility token that provides holders access to various platform services such as exclusive events, pre-sales, and staking.

According to its whitepaper, Bloktopia is a decentralized metaverse created and supported by the Polygon network. Polygon is a productive layer-2 Ethereum scaling solution and the go-to platform for gaming and NFT DApps, and the two projects' compatibility makes this the ideal solution for Bloktopia. The platform chose Polygon for its high speed, cost-effective transactions, and cumulative compatibility. The metaverse of the platform serves as a link between the physical and virtual worlds well within the decentralized but also open-source digital reality. The world of cryptocurrency can be a very tricky environment to navigate. With YouTube, Telegram, Twitter, and other news platforms, Bloktopia intends to establish itself as a central hub, within which users can emerge and gain knowledge in an open and friendly environment. Users must create a Bloktopia wallet via email or social media using two-factor authentication to access the platform. This wallet functions as a passport that supports multiple blockchains and allows users to store and view ERC 1155 NFTs within the platform and store BLOK tokens. REBLOK is a platform feature used for trading and investing in real estate. Advertisements play a crucial role in revenue generation on the platform, and investors have the opportunity to profit from that ad money, which is ADBLOK.

Bloktopia aims to offer a place where consumers can understand, obtain, play, build, and access a world of information and industry foresight at the touch of a finger. 

History of Bloktopia (BLOK)

The platform was cofounded by Ross Tavakoli and Paddy Carroll in 2021. Tavakoli is from the retail investment side and has been involved in the crypto space since 2015, and Carroll, an experienced marketer, works for some of the largest brands in the UK. The platform’s litepaper was published in July 2021. The total supply of the token stands at 200,000,000,000 BLOK. 

How Are New BLOKs Created?

Bloktopia is attempting to develop a governance mechanism. Holders of REBLOK NFTs will be represented on the governance council. A DAO will be used to vote for each NFT. Proposals will be presented to the DAO, where NFT holders will vote, with the majority vote deciding the outcome. All BLOKs from the inaugural real estate transactions will be burned for publicity, reducing the token's overall supply. 

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Jaka jest aktualna cena Bloktopia?

Aktualizujemy nasz kurs Bloktopia do USD w czasie rzeczywistym. Otrzymuj aktualną cenę Bloktopia na Coinbase.

Jaka jest kapitalizacja rynku Bloktopia?

Obecna kapitalizacja rynku Bloktopia to 24,85 mln USD. Wysoka kapitalizacja rynku oznacza, że aktywa są wysoko cenione przez rynek.

Jakie jest historyczne maksimum Bloktopia?

Najwyższy w historii poziom Bloktopia to 0,18 USD. Ten rekordowy poziom to najwyższa cena zapłacona za Bloktopia od czasu jego wprowadzenia na rynek.

Jaki jest 24-godzinny wolumen obrotu Bloktopia?

W ciągu ostatnich 24 godzin wolumen obrotu Bloktopia wyniósł 458,47 tys. USD.

Jakie inne aktywa są podobne do Bloktopia?

Aktywa o podobnej kapitalizacji rynkowej do Bloktopia to m.in. Travala.com, Clover Finance, Router Protocol i wiele innych. Aby zobaczyć pełną listę, zobacz nasze aktywa o porównywalnej kapitalizacji rynkowej.

Ile jest Bloktopia?

Obecna podaż w obiegu Bloktopia wynosi 18 miliardów.

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Nie, kryptowaluta Bloktopia nie jest obecnie dostępna na Coinbase, ale możesz się zarejestrować, aby otrzymywać najnowsze wiadomości na temat Bloktopia i powiadomienie, gdy kryptowaluta zostanie dodana do naszej giełdy.