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Enterprise-grade staking infrastructure optimized for custodians, exchanges, fintechs, dapps, and wallets on 15+ protocols.

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Leverage our staking infrastructure Access best-in-class staking without the overhead and operational burden of running your own validators. Say goodbye to on-call duty, protocol upgrades, and more by partnering with Coinbase.

Craft bespoke revenue sharing Integrators staking to our validators are eligible for revenue sharing once they meet minimum thresholds. We work with teams to develop terms based on their needs and roadmaps.

Access to dedicated service teams Tap into white glove service with our dedicated service teams. This includes consultations with protocol specialists across the 15+ protocols we support.

Integrate with custody We offer a full end-to-end experience by enabling staking to our validators through one of the world’s largest custodians, Coinbase Prime.

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99 %

Support for 15+ networks and counting

See our documentation to delegate to any of our supported protocols.

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Dive deeper into Ethereum

Build on any of our Ethereum products to provide solutions for your users on this network that is integral to the crypto ecosystem.

ETH staking, without the minimums Monetize users who don’t meet the standard 32ETH staking minimum with our Partial ETH Staking solution. Our API integration empowers users to stake any amount in a single transaction. Users will be able to perform partial withdrawals whenever they want, with onchain rewards and fees automatically enabled. Contact our team to get started.

Earn rewards while maintaining liquidity We have partnered with the Liquid Collective as a validator for LsETH. LsETH is the first enterprise-grade liquid staking solution. Built with KYC/AML, robust slashing coverage, and automatic rewards staking, LsETH was custom-built for enterprise users. Mint LsETH through Coinbase Prime.

Plébiscité par les plus grands noms des cryptos

Une solution de staking professionnelle à service complet


Notre technologie de staking privilégie la sécurité des actifs des clients et des blockchains sous-jacentes qui les prennent en charge. Elle est conçue pour minimiser le risque de double signature.


Notre garantie de disponibilité de 99 % fournit une infrastructure de staking fiable, sécurisée et de niveau professionnel et minimise les risques opérationnels pour les dépositaires, les fintechs, les portefeuilles et leurs utilisateurs finaux.


En tant que seule société publique offrant des solutions de staking, nous offrons à nos clients une transparence totale, y compris l'accès aux finances de l'entreprise et des audits réguliers.

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