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How to buy Drep [new]


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Price of Drep [new] (24H)

0,54 US$

3,76 %


When it comes to buying crypto, there are a lot of factors that come into play, such as location and protocol. Fortunately, you can buy Drep [new] on Coinbase’s centralized exchange. It’s quick, secure, and easy. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to buy Drep [new].


  1. 1

    Create a Coinbase account

    Sign up or download the Coinbase app and start the sign up process. You will need a valid ID and may be asked for proof of address in order to transact, so be sure to have those ready. Verifying your ID may take longer than a few minutes, depending on where you live.

  1. 2

    Add a payment method

    Tap on the payment method box and connect a payment method. You can use a bank account, debit card or initiate a wire.

  1. 3

    Start a trade

    On Coinbase.com, select Buy & Sell. On Coinbase mobile app, tap the ( + ) Buy on the Home tab.

  1. 4

    Select Drep [new] from list of assets

    On Coinbase.com, click the Buy panel to search and select Drep [new]. On Coinbase mobile app, search for Drep [new] by typing “Drep [new]” into the search bar. When you see Drep [new] appear in the results, tap it to open up the purchase screen.

  1. 5

    Enter the amount you want to buy

    Use the number pad to input the amount you want to spend in your local currency. The app will automatically convert that into a Drep [new] amount. You can tap the arrow buttons to the right of the amount of money you want to spend to switch the number to the equivalent amount of Drep [new]

  1. 6

    Finalize your purchase of Drep [new]

    Tap “Preview buy” when ready. You’ll be shown the details of your purchase. Make sure everything looks good and then confirm your purchase by clicking “Buy now”.

  1. 7


    Once the order processes, you’ll be taken to the confirmation screen. That’s it, you’ve bought Drep [new].

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Drep [new] está a la baja esta semana.

El precio de Drep [new] ha descendido en un 3,58 % en los últimos 7 días. El precio se ha incrementado en un 3,76 % en las últimas 24 horas. En la última hora, el precio se ha incrementado en un 0,05 %. El precio actual es de 0,5384 US$ por DREP. Drep [new] está un 84,07 % por debajo del máximo histórico de 3,38 US$.

Capitalización bursátil

21,6 MUS$

Volume (24H)

2,8 MUS$

Suministro en circulación

39,9 M DREP

Actividad comercial

61 % Buy0 % Buy
39 % Sell100 % Sell

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