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Coinbase Cloud works with Sui to enable non-custodial staking from Day 1 of mainnet

Coinbase Cloud is working closely with Sui Foundation to enable support for Sui non-custod...

Q&A with Evan Weiss

Q&A with Evan Weiss

Earn PBS-enabled MEV rewards with Coinbase Cloud

More rewards are available for those staking ETH with Coinbase, made possible by MEV-Boost...

Coinbase Cloud supports client diversity on Ethereum by distributing validators across Lighthouse and Prysm

Earlier this year, the Ethereum community rallied around client diversity as a primary con...

Ethereum • Performance

Dedicated Validator vs Public Validator

Considering the primary options for staking via Coinbase Cloud

Solutions • Validators

Coinbase Cloud to Support Secure Flow Infrastructure for Turner Sports’ Blocklete Games

First installment - Blocklete Golf - built on blockchain to offer players opportunity to...

Flow • Gaming

Send ERC20 tokens using Web3 library with Query & Transact

How to manually sign and send a transaction by interacting with an ERC20 token’s smart con...

How-to • Ethereum

Optimize your participation with Coinbase Cloud infrastructure

Allowing other token holders to join your node cluster lets you earn increased rewards fro...

Validators • Delegators

Cardano’s stake pool pledge and margin mechanics

Stake pool operators can use the mechanics of Cardano’s pool pledge and margin to optimize...

Cardano • Validators

Double Signing Protection: mitigating a major risk of blockchain participation

Dedicated software protects users against one of the major risks of network participation:...

Validators • Proof of stake
Cloud Discover Knowledge Base Solutions slashing post header

How to avoid getting slashed

The potential for “slashing” can be a nightmare for anyone running participation nodes on...

Proof of stake • Validators

Polkadot token economics

An overview of validator rewards — and how Polkadot token holders are encouraged to partic...

Polkadot • Economics

Delegating digital assets 101

Everything you need to know about blockchain token delegation and how to get involved

Proof of stake • Fundamentals

Coinbase Cloud and CoinList: supporting the growth of innovative networks

Coinbase Cloud’s secure staking infrastructure gives CoinList users and token holders acce...

Case study • NuCypher

Configuring stake on the NuCypher network: decision-based scenarios

Our guide to configuring a node’s NU token stake outlines the key decisions, implications,...

NuCypher • Validators

Colchis Capital to Run Provenance Validators with Coinbase Cloud

Colchis Capital aims to use the Provenance blockchain, built to support the financial serv...

Provenance • Application layer

Coinbase Cloud Provides Secure Infrastructure for Current to Build Hybrid Financial Applications on the Polkadot Ecosystem

Coinbase Cloud is providing secure and reliable blockchain infrastructure for fintech Curr...

Karura • Acala

Run a dedicated Polkadot managed controller with Coinbase Cloud

Coinbase Cloud’s managed controllers take the hassle out of managing Polkadot nominations...

Substrate • Polkadot

Coinbase Cloud Global Blockchain Sync (GBS): speeding up node syncing and network recovery

GBS can recover from a complete cloud failure in minutes, and launches fully synced nodes...

Nodes • Performance

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