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Access historic blockchain data

Get all the blockchain data you need, from the most current block to the genesis block. Spin up fully synced archival nodes in hours or days compared to weeks or months.

Reduce the overhead of managing archival nodes

Spin up nodes faster

Our archival node infrastructure can be ready to go in hours or days, not weeks — even for data intensive chains like Ethereum.

Access data without rate limits

Get the historic blockchain data you need without the challenge of maintaining nodes in-house, and without rate limiting.

Manage reporting and analysis

Easily replay smart contracts, explore the balance of an address over time, run complex queries, and more.

Rely on secure, resilient nodes

Multi-cloud, multi-region infrastructure offers resiliency against single points of failure. Archival nodes offer 99.9% uptime guarantee.

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Archival node offerings

Whether it’s Ethereum, Tendermint, or Substrate protocols, accessing historic blockchain data becomes easier with Coinbase Cloud.




Ethereum Classic




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