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Onramp is now available to all developers to enable integrated fiat onramping within apps

May 21, 2024


  • Onramp is now available to all builders in Coinbase Developer Platform

  • Builders can use Onramp to natively embed fiat onramps into apps

Today, we’re excited to announce that Onramp (fka Coinbase Pay) is now available to all developers on the Coinbase Developer Platform. Onramp is already being used by some of the most trusted names in crypto like Metamask, Rainbow, Phantom, MyEtherWallet, and Coinbase Wallet, and by making Onramp accessible to all builders, we are continuing to progress towards our goal to bring the next billion users onchain.

What is Onramp?

Onramp offers a set of APIs (and an SDK) that allows developers to embed fiat-to-crypto onramps directly into an application. It empowers an application’s users to purchase 100+ tokens with 60+ fiat currencies using an eligible bank account, debit card, or Coinbase account, and is available for users in any region supported by Coinbase. 

Why integrate Onramp?

Onramp enables builders to embed native fiat onramping directly, within an application, for the 110M+ Coinbase-verified users, and helps provide the security, compliance, and global reach users around the world have come to expect from Coinbase. 

Onramp helps you:

  • Drive conversion: Coinbase users can use their saved payment methods from Coinbase, to fund their wallets in seconds (not days or weeks).  Even non-Coinbase users in the US can onramp directly with a debit card - no account required.

  • Scale globally: A single integration enables users to purchase 100+ tokens with 60+ fiat currencies using any of Coinbase’s accepted payment methods.

  • Build faster: Adding the Onramp widget into your app only takes a few hours and lets Coinbase handle the payment processing and KYC.

Getting started with Onramp

To get started:

  1. Login to Coinbase Developer Platform (create an account if needed)

  2. Download an API key

  3. Start integrating Onramp

  4. Enable native fiat onramps in your application

For a more detailed description of how Onramp works and how you can integrate it, check out the Onramp Docs.

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