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Crypto Taxes

Everything you need to know about how crypto is taxed

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Tax guide

Understanding your crypto taxes

Not sure if you owe taxes on your crypto? Learn how using crypto this year can affect your U.S. taxes.

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Your Crypto

Crypto and U.S. income taxes: When and how is crypto taxed as income?

From staking to sweepstakes, some of your crypto earnings, winnings, and more might be subject to U.S. federal income taxes.

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Crypto Tax Glossary

Your guide to cryptocurrency tax terms in the U.S: If this is your first time dealing with crypto as part of your tax returns, we’re here to help.

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Coinbase Tutorial

Understanding estimated gains and losses on Coinbase

What it means when Coinbase estimates your gains and losses based on assumptions

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Regulation update

What’s new in U.S. crypto tax regulation? A guide to crypto’s changing rules and what they mean for you

2021 introduced some new laws that significantly changed reporting requirements for the institutions — banks, crypto exchanges, and more — that you trade your digital assets with....

Your Crypto

Give the gift of crypto? Here's what to expect from your next tax return

Key things to consider before you send, receive, or sell a crypto gift

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Tax guide

Planning for next year? 6 strategies for minimizing your 2022-2023 crypto tax bill

It's never too early to get ahead of next year’s tax return by considering a few common strategies now. And with some careful planning, you may be able to minimize the taxes you pa...

What is Know Your Customer (KYC)?
Guida Fiscale

Cos'è Know Your Customer (KYC)?

KYC è un requisito normativo per le istituzioni finanziarie per verificare l'identità dei loro clienti. È una parte fondamentale delle misure anti-illegalità e aiuta a prevenire at...