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Embrace new opportunities with Coinbase Exchange Market Data. Accessible in a variety of ways to help institutions meet their business goals.

Institutional Market Data

Coinbase Exchange Market Data authorized redistribution partners

Receive Coinbase Exchange market data from any of our authorized redistribution partners or become a partner yourself. Contact our team to learn which opportunity is right for you.

Exchange Market Data API

Coinbase Exchange Market Data API

Critical data in real time Integrate with our high throughput Coinbase Exchange APIs to receive real-time data from the deepest pool of liquidity of any regulated crypto spot exchange. Flexible integration options Coinbase Exchange market data is available via FIX APIs and Websocket. Our public documentation allows for quick, low-lift integrations. Powering the world's most sophisticated institutions Investors turn to our products, including Coinbase Exchange, for leading-edge solutions to capitalize on opportunities provided by digital assets.

Coinbase Exchange Historical Data

Expand your products and trading strategies Coinbase Institutional offers ready-to-use historical datasets from Coinbase Exchange to be used to perform backtesting, enhance crypto products, and more.

Comprehensive data to meet your needs In addition to data from its own exchange, Coinbase Institutional also indexes public blockchain data, providing partners with trusted ecosystem data.

Simplify the world of digital asset data Coinbase Institutional has been building the cryptoeconomy since 2012. Our teams are ready to discuss your business goals and which data opportunity would best help to achieve them.

Historical Data

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