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52,9 млн $

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2,9 млн $

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0,000035 $

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+0,11 %

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+6,74 %

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+11,51 %


What is WAGMI Games?

WAGMI Games is a mobile gaming franchise that seeks to bridge the divide between traditional gaming and Web3. The franchise's utility token, $WAGMIGAMES, is utilized throughout the ecosystem, including in its flagship game, WAGMI Defense. WAGMI Defense, set to launch on iOS and Android app stores in 2023, is one of the first games to merge the advantages of Web3 and traditional gaming. Players can acquire in-game NFTs using fiat or cryptocurrency, facilitating a smooth transition for traditional gamers to crypto gaming.

How does WAGMI Games work?

WAGMI Games operates by integrating the entertainment aspect of traditional games with the benefits of Web3 gaming. It seeks to provide players with the ability to acquire in-game items and participate in skill-based battles and tournaments. Additionally, it allows players to power up, lend, and sell in-game items and collectibles. The WAGMI Games universe is designed to provide a unique and immersive experience for players. The company strives to foster a strong community of gamers who can participate in friendly battles, competitive tournaments, trade collectibles, and enjoy the gaming experience. The company's utility token, $WAGMIGAMES, is used across the entire ecosystem, including in its inaugural game, WAGMI Defense.

What are the potential use cases for WAGMI Games?

WAGMI Games has a wide range of potential use cases. It seeks to create a series of games, comic books, real-life collectibles, and an immersive Cinematic Universe with a TV series, films, and anime that will explore the war between humans and aliens over Earth's core element, NiFe. By merging the entertainment aspect of traditional games with the benefits of Web3 gaming, WAGMI Games aims to provide players with the ability to acquire in-game items, participate in skill-based battles and tournaments, and power up, lend, and sell in-game items and collectibles.

What is the history of WAGMI Games?

WAGMI Games was founded in 2021 by a team of six core members. To solidify its position in the market, WAGMI Games has hired top talent in the gaming industry, such as Esteban Gil, a former Senior Product Manager for Respawn, and Brent Pease, a former Director of Operations at Electronic Arts. The company's flagship game, WAGMI Defense, is set to be launched on both iOS and Android app stores in 2023. It is one of the first games to combine the benefits of both Web3 and traditional gaming. The company's long-term vision is to create a rich and engaging universe that includes original characters, captivating lore, and comic books based on the novel "NiFe Wars: We're All Gonna Make It".


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За последние 7 дней цена WAGMI Games выросла на 11,51 %. За последние сутки цена выросла на 6,74 %. За последний час цена выросла на 0,11 %. Текущая цена WAGMIGAMES — 0,000029 $. Цена WAGMI Games на 17,25 % ниже исторического максимума, равного 0,000035 $.

Текущий объем WAGMIGAMES в обращении — 1 804 354 666 195.

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Какова текущая цена WAGMI Games?

Мы обновляем курс WAGMI Games к USD в режиме реального времени. Следите за динамикой цены WAGMI Games на Coinbase.

Какова рыночная капитализация WAGMI Games?

Текущая рыночная капитализация WAGMI Games составляет 52,93 млн $. Высокая рыночная капитализация означает, что актив высоко ценится рынком.

Каков исторический максимум цены WAGMI Games?

Исторический максимум цены WAGMI Games — 0,000035 $. Исторический максимум — это самая высокая цена покупки WAGMI Games с момента его запуска.

Каков объем торгов WAGMI Games за последние 24 часа?

За последние 24 часа объем торгов WAGMI Games составил 2,88 млн $.

Какие активы похожи на WAGMI Games?

По рыночной капитализации на WAGMI Games похожи Venus BUSD, Carry, Function X и многие другие активы. Полный список см. в разделе активы с сопоставимой рыночной капитализацией.

Сколько всего токенов WAGMI Games выпущено?

Текущий объем WAGMI Games в обращении — 1,8 триллиона.

Можно ли купить на Coinbase валюту WAGMI Games?

Да, WAGMI Games можно приобрести через Coinbase Wallet. Процесс покупки подробно описан в нашей инструкции «Как купить WAGMI Games».

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