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84,4 млн $

Объем (24 часа)

3,2 млн $

Оборот активов

560,1 млн PLA

Среднее время удержания

9 дней


№ 110

Рекордный максимум

3,68 $

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+0,04 %

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+1,84 %

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+1,48 %

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Цена PlayDapp на этой неделе выросла.

За последние 7 дней цена PlayDapp выросла на 1,48 %. За последние сутки цена выросла на 1,84 %. За последний час цена выросла на 0,04 %. Текущая цена PLA — 0,15 $. Цена PlayDapp на 95,90 % ниже исторического максимума, равного 3,68 $.

Текущий объем PLA в обращении — 560 128 667.


Average ratings from the community

4.5 out of 5

102 ratings

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О компании

PLA — это токен Ethereum, на базе которого работает PlayDapp, игровая блокчейн-платформа и площадка для торговли невзаимозаменяемыми токенами (NFT). PLA служит основным токеном для проведения транзакций на PlayDapp. Разработчики игр также могут получать PLA, когда пользователи совершают внутриигровые покупки.

What Is PlayDapp (PLA)?

PlayDapp (PLA) is a blockchain-based gaming and entertainment ecosystem. The platform aims to make digital assets more accessible by converting non-crypto game consumers into blockchain game users via the PlayDapp service platform. Through a game DApp portal, PlayDapp seeks to provide a consumer-to-consumer (C2C) marketplace for trading gaming characters, game content with a diverse portfolio of games and NFTs, and multichain blockchain support. PlayDapp envisions an environment in which gamers not only take true ownership of their in-game assets but also receive incentives for participation in the ecosystem.

According to the platform’s official document, PlayDapp’s marketplace seeks to allow users to claim complete ownership of their digital assets. By allowing gaming items to be used interchangeably inside the PlayDapp service ecosystem, these digital assets are not restricted to a particular game or intellectual property, nor are they restricted to a specific location. As a result, PlayDapp aims to offer an interoperable platform by allowing users to readily exchange products, characters, and accessories.

PlayDapp aims to convert third-party game items into non-fungible tokens (NFTs) through blockchain technology. By creating and distributing a PlayDapp SDK (software development kit), this service ecosystem seeks to make it easier for game creators to collaborate. The SDK enables game developers or businesses having problems establishing blockchain infrastructure to link their assets or other digital items through straightforward system integration. Subsequently, when the integration is completed and the assets are designated as a blockchain-based NFT, the same may be exchangeable with other games on the PlayDapp ecosystem. The platform states that the SDK seeks to provide a DApp-oriented admin page, chat/rank community, reward support system, and more. As a result, this integration seeks to increase game coordination and assist in user engagement through cross-promotion. The NFT’s value also improves due to the usage of these game items.

Through blockchain integration, PlayDapp aims to feature a play-to-earn (P2E) game mode. The P2E model seeks to enable engaging blockchain-based games instead of a simple, monotonous game. This model can also be applied to game content and existing role-playing games (RPGs), metaverse, tournament, etc. For instance, gamers of PlayDapp’s CryptoDozer game, which allows gamers to collect characters called CryptoDolls through gameplay, are able to use them to play DozerBird, another game that the PlayDapp ecosystem hosts. Further, users can get whole keys by collecting fragments of partial keys while playing the game, which can be used to access the CryptoDozer prize chests. Both CryptoDolls and keys may be exchanged between users on PlayDapp’s marketplace. Apart from these games, the platform seeks to feature more such games across genres. 

PlayDapp, being a meta blockchain, provides platform leverage in addition to content leverage and a C2C marketplace. PlayDapp aims to provide multichain compatibility for ETH, KLAY, LINK, LIBRA, and other cryptocurrencies through interchain or DEX. That is, in addition to PLA, additional coins (tokens) are accessible in PlayDapp.

PlayDapp’s native utility token PLA is an ERC-20 token deploying the Ethereum standard. The PLA token seeks to serve as the principal fungible token for the processing of user transactions. As one of the main utilities, the platform states that game developers and DApp operators earn PLA for each in-game purchase or exchange. PlayDapp releases this reward after a deduction of a reasonable amount of transaction fees.

History of PlayDapp (PLA)

PlayDapp, based out of Seoul, was founded in 2017. Sang Chug, head of business at PlayDapp, has over two decades of experience in the Korean games and IT industry. Kiyong Choi is the head of management, and Seunghyeop Back is the PlayDapp development team lead. PlayDapp’s games, CryptoDozer and DozerBird, were launched in 2019. PlayDapp launched the marketplace for Ethereum in 2020 and for Polygon in 2021. According to PlayDapp’s website, the blockchain platform partners with entities such as Samsung, Portis, and more.

How Are New PLA Tokens Created & Earned?

According to the platform, the significant re-investment of the game’s revenue into user activities or rewards is at the heart of the P2E system. The core game items that the players earn are swapped directly or indirectly for game tokens via the C2C marketplace or for other game tokens. Additionally, centralized or decentralized exchanges allow swapping of these game tokens, as per PlayDapp. Subsequently, platform and game developers receive revenue through transaction fees incurred during each trade under this item acquisition mechanism. 

Moreover, PlayDapp seeks to create several concepts in order to boost NFT value and stabilize market price fluctuations. With reference to CryptoDolls of CryptoDozer, the platform seeks to enable holders to collect and combine dolls for improved value and incentives. Further, by hiring other players’ dolls having special skills, players earn better rewards during gameplay. Finally, by staking dolls, gamers increase their chances of receiving higher-value dolls. This feature encourages the holding of high-value dolls rather than trading to the marketplace, hence maintaining a stable price. 

How Many PLA Tokens Are Available in the Market?

The PlayDapp platform reports a maximum token supply of 700,000,000 PLA.

How to Buy PlayDapp (PLA) Tokens

PlayDapp can be traded on centralized exchanges, including Coinbase.com or Coinbase app. It is secure, safe, and easy.

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Часто задаваемые вопросы

Какова текущая цена PlayDapp?

Мы обновляем курс PlayDapp к USD в режиме реального времени. Следите за динамикой цены PlayDapp на Coinbase.

Какова рыночная капитализация PlayDapp?

Текущая рыночная капитализация PlayDapp составляет 84,41 млн $. Высокая рыночная капитализация означает, что актив высоко ценится рынком.

Каков исторический максимум цены PlayDapp?

Исторический максимум цены PlayDapp — 3,68 $. Исторический максимум — это самая высокая цена покупки PlayDapp с момента его запуска.

Каков объем торгов PlayDapp за последние 24 часа?

За последние 24 часа объем торгов PlayDapp составил 3,19 млн $.

Какие активы похожи на PlayDapp?

По рыночной капитализации на PlayDapp похожи Status, Ribbon Finance, Coin98 и многие другие активы. Полный список см. в разделе активы с сопоставимой рыночной капитализацией.

Сколько всего токенов PlayDapp выпущено?

Текущий объем PlayDapp в обращении — 560 миллионов.

Каков типичный срок владения PlayDapp?

Медианный срок владения PlayDapp до продажи или отправки на другой адрес или счет составляет для клиентов Coinbase 9 дн.

Какова относительная популярность PlayDapp?

PlayDapp занимает 130-е место в рейтинге торгуемых активов на Coinbase. Популярность в данный момент основана на относительной рыночной капитализации.

Можно ли купить на Coinbase валюту PlayDapp?

Да, PlayDapp продается на централизованной бирже Coinbase. Процесс покупки подробно описан в нашей инструкции «Как купить PlayDapp».