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Moon Nation Game (MNG) is a play-to-earn space game on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Moon Nation Game is built on a bridge platform and NFT marketplace as a crypto gaming ecosystem. 

Moon Nation Game features an exclusive NFT marketplace within the metaverse. Players can purchase unique NFTs like aliens, characters, spaceships, vehicles, and weapons to gear up and enhance their gaming experience. Moon Nation Game recognizes all token holders as native citizens of the crypto space. The platform wishes to provide all players with a passport to interact with communities across multiple planets.

The native cryptocurrency MNG is a utility token that serves multiple use cases within the Moon Nation ecosystem. For example, MNG empowers players to explore the in-game universe. 

Moon Nation Game encourages players to participate in the space game while rewarding the players with additional MNG tokens. The crypto tokens are deflationary, implying that MNG supply decreases with time. Consistent deflation of MNG tokens ensures that the token's value witnesses a stable increase in the long run. 

Moon Nation Game enables players to utilize MNG tokens as the primary in-game currency. Players can use the tokens to upgrade their gaming experience or exchange MNG for funds to make a profitable earning, quite like casino chips. Moon Nation Game encourages players to put in funds and win increased profits while engaging in the fun gameplay. 

The blockchain-based space game plans to upgrade the utility and functionality of the MNG tokens with time. According to its whitepaper, the MNG token is designed to develop and serve players for decades. Moon Nation Game allows players to participate in the in-game battles by utilizing MNG. Players can also earn additional tokens as rewards for winning the battles and accomplishing the game's missions. The gaming platform encourages players to stake the MNG tokens for higher yields. Players can utilize the MNG tokens to fund the liquidity pools

Players must continue staking the MNG tokens or participate in the whitelist sale of the tokens to acquire the exclusive Moon Nation passport. 

The game aims to feature the Moon Nation Bridge (MNB), a platform created to function as a unified hub for all crypto games. The platform allows players to utilize only MNG tokens for their crypto-gaming needs. 

Ben Todar is the CEO of Moon Nation Game. MNG, or the official Moon Nation Game token, was launched in May 2021. The Moon Nation Game whitepaper, version 1.0, was published on May 18, 2021. 

The total supply of MNG is 384,400,000 tokens which are interestingly the distance from the Earth to the Moon in meters.


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